What is Double opt-in and how does it work in NV dashboard

  • Created : Jan, 06, 2020
  • Last Updated : Oct, 27, 2020

The following article lets you know what is double opt-in and how does it work before you can actually send your subscribers’ campaigns. 

What is double opt-in ?

Now, arises the dilemma of collecting email addresses. There are generally two ways to collect email addresses from the visitors : First through single opt-in process which means collecting addresses of the visitors and sending them campaigns. Secondly, through double opt-in process which includes an extra confirmation step to verify email addresses.

Now that you have got a brief introduction of the double opt-in process, let’s go further with its use and functionality.

How does double opt-in process works :

As discussed above both single opt-in and double opt-in process help in growing our audience base. But double opt-in process has an added incentive and that is of confirmation and verification of the user.

Now, let’s see how does double opt-in actually works :

It generally includes 2 steps :

  • First is when a potential subscriber fills out and submits your online sign-up form.
  • Secondly you send them a link to verify their email addresses. Once they receive this link, they will click on it and verify their email addresses.
How to turn on double-opt in Notifyvisitors dashboard :

1.You can enable double opt-in from the dashboard in the midst of creating a lead form. Check out this link to know how to create a lead form.

Let’s see where can you turn on the double opt -in option :

  • While configuring list for your campaigns, you can choose to turn on the double opt-in option as given in the below image.

          Double opt-in settings    

For example : You have created a home page with a sign-up form on it. So, the subscribers you got from the sign-up forms can be categorized in one list. It makes it easier for you while sending campaigns to a specific list thereafter.

  • Double opt-in :   Now choose to turn the double opt-in option to verify email addresses from the subscribers. Next click on the update button.

Now that you know what is double opt-in and how it works in NotifyVisitors Dashboard. You can easily send campaigns after getting a notified confirmation from your subscribers. So, that they don’t mark your campaigns as spam and receive them voluntarily.