How to create a customer opt-in in NV dashboard.

  • Created : Dec, 20, 2019
  • Last Updated : May, 27, 2020

 Push notifications opt-ins are a timely form of in-app messaging that seeks users permission to send them notifications.

Notify Visitors Dashboard allows you to create a customized opt-in window . You can ask a user's permission for sending them push notifications.  

How can you create an opt-in in NV Dashboard :

  • The answer is by configuring HTTP settings.

From where can you access the HTTP settings ?

1. You can access the HTTP settings from the “ Push Configuration’’ section of the Dashboard.

  You can find it just below the “Analyze section” of the dashboard.

2. You can create a permission box by defining its variables :

  • Title :  It specifies the “subject” of your permission box.
  • Subtitle : It signifies the sub-heading of your subject. Also, context of your subtitle must refer to the title.
  • Allow Button : The“ALLOW”  Call To Action Button gives you permission to send your users relevant push notification as they click on the said button.
  • Disallow Button : It lets a user shut your notifications down by clicking on the said button.
  • Permission Box


Note : Click on save changes after defining the variables.

1. Define an appropriate theme of your permission box. You can customize the box by adding colors to CTA Button and the background.

 Now define the variables for your theme :


Theme for Push Notification


  • Call to action Color : Give a catchy tinge of color to your Call to action background.
  • Call to action text Color : Customize the CTA text color to catch user’s eyeballs.
  • Background Color : Choose a significant background color for your permission box that must be in sync with your CTA color or vice-a -versa.
  • Position : Align the position of your Call to Action Button as it appears to the users.
  • Offset : Define a color offset percentage so that the color combination doesn’t look offbeat.

How to customize a confirmation window 

Once you seek user’s permission to send them notifications. Next step would be to create a confirmation window that allows you to ask user’s confirmation for push notification subscription.

Follow the given below steps to customize the confirmation window by defining its variables :

Confirmation Window


  • Status : Set the status to active so that users can view the window once he “clicks’’ on the Allow button of the confirmation box.
  • You can change the layout of the confirmation window by editing the font size,color and alignment of the text.

Note : Also you can insert a link or video in the confirmation video to make it look more catchy,captivating and appealing.

Follow the above steps to create a customer opt-in and confirmation window in NV dashboard. Seek user’s permission and send them catchy and captivating push notifications to nudge them so that they click on them and increase your sales.