How to disable UTM parameters in notifyvisitors dashboard

  • Created : Jun, 08, 2021
  • Last Updated : Jan, 20, 2022


The success of your campaign depends upon the consumers, a marketer must satisfy the demands of the customers and create campaigns according to their needs. But you cannot create or improvise your strategies unless and until you know the effectiveness of the campaigns.

UTM parameters are a great source to know how many visitors you are grabbing across the various mediums. You can know how your campaigns are performing with the help of UTM parameters.  You can add the tags to a URL and when a user clicks on the link, these tags are used for tracking and gauging the performance of campaigns. Further, you can drive more visitors to your website. 

NotifyVisitors enables you to track push notifications through UTM parameters. It also provides you the option to disable the UTM parameters while creating a campaign. Read this article to know how you can choose the option to disable the UTM parameters in the dashboard.


1.Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard > Notifications> Create notification. You can either create a new notification and configure the UTM parameters in the advanced options or you can choose to navigate to an already created push notification.

2. Go to any BROADCAST notification and move to the BASIC details of the notification.

3. Next, proceed to the UTM parameters in the ADVANCED OPTIONS category. Choose “NO” to disable the UTM parameters. 


4. Once you disable the UTM parameters, you will no longer be able to track the analytics in Google Analytics but you will be able to view them in the panel.



UTM parameters help you to track the effectiveness of the campaigns and if you disable the UTM parameters, you won't be able to track the campaigns' data in Google analytics.

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