Secrets to maximize conversions using A/B test

  • Created : Nov, 08, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jan, 17, 2022

It becomes inevitable for an eCommerce website to evaluate user’s take on each of its web page. Customer is the ultimate judge that enables an e-commerce business to reach the zenith of success. Such a situation demands a tool that measures customer’s insights and a/b testing tools are the apt solution to dissolve such a situation.

A/B tests enable a marketer to create an alternate version of the webpage. Also, the original version and alternate version ( with modified elements ) are set against each other to look out which version works the best.

A/B testing tools and conversion rates

A/B tests aim at increasing conversion rates. Every web page of the website prompts the user to take the desired action. It is necessary to test the web page elements that are actually prompting users to perform a specific action.

Thus ab testing tools promote conversion by getting the most out of the existing traffic. Also, with maximum conversions a business can earn maximum revenues.

How can eCommerce business use a/b testing tools to increase the conversion rates :
1. Offer a free upgrade

Your customer will revere you if you provide qualitative services with additional incentives. Provide them something valuable and you will definitely receive rewards in return.

Offer a free upgrade

Forex- Look at the above image. The first sample will never give you conversions. Why? As customers are not getting any proficient offers. They have added the product in the cart and now all they have to do is to proceed with the payment. While in the second version, customer is getting a free upgrade service too. The variant will definitely gain more conversions because if you give benefits to your customers, they will give you loyalty or a return purchase. This kind of promotion will definitely work wonders for you.

2. Never demand personal bank details on free trials

In case you are offering free trials and at the same time, you are demanding credit card details from the users. It will negate the purchasing process. Why? Instead of enjoying the experience, the customer will tend to feel the burden to payout. Free trial generally means to offer useful advantages to the users about the products and not to bog them down to pay for the services.


3. Display the most secure benefits first

Remember to place the strongest and secure benefits first in your list. No user looks through the whole list. The beginning often grabs user’s eyeballs. People will only remember what they view first on the list and the rest will generally be discarded.


4. Provide immediate feedback on completed fields

Make the registration or sign-up process easier for the users. Inform them which of the fields are mandatory and which are lacking an essential info. This way users would be able to fill them easily.


5. Organize the information more clearly

Put up your information in a simple way so that users can know what all they have to do in clear terms. Too many things on a single page can jumble up the user’s mind.

Simply follow this rule :

  • Call-to-action
  • Direct messaging
  • Unique selling proposition.


A/B Tests enable us to test the prices, offers or free trial lengths and their effects on customers.

Also, it helps in analyzing the effectiveness of any new launched marketing technique.