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Learn over here how to integrate and configure NotifyVisitors code into your website. Get a rapid feedback of proper integration so that you can rectify the loophole instantly.

It allows you to create and run A/B testing campaigns to drive more conversions. Unleash your powers by getting sorted knowledge on how to add a tinge of personalization in your experiments. 

Get to know the individuality of your users. Know how to segment your users and create a user journey after collective effective insights about your users. Boost your sales by targeting your users through useful analytics.

Grab thorough insights on how to create, track and analyze your push notification campaigns. Gain facts and details on why push notification is the most feasible medium to drive your users crazy about your brand.

Get to know how to create effective automated email and SMS campaigns to target and retain your audience. Attain effective results through tried and tested use cases for email campaigns.

The following section helps you develop creative and informative banners & surveys. Acquire useful resources to analyze the banner campaigns to uplift your brand and conversion rates.

Know why heatmap is the most effective analytical tool to track and analyze user’s activity on your website. Kick start your website optimization strategies by knowing the ultimate utilization of heatmaps.




Get resources to fasten up your business growth by integrating Progressive Web Apps. Know what all in progressive web apps can glue your customers to your brand. 


Collect resourceful information to boost your sales by knowing customer’s feedback. Notify visitors Knowledge base lets you know, how you can rectify your campaigns and serve your customers in an effective way.