Enable Shopify System Events And Users' Sync

  • Created : Sep, 10, 2021
  • Last Updated : Aug, 14, 2022


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables you to establish your online store and perform various business activities such as selling & promoting your products. User engagement is the key factor in running your business and driving conversions to your store is of course necessary.

NotifyVisitors gives you promising opportunities to engage your customers at various channels and mediums. Right from syncing in your existing users to enabling the system events in order to run your campaigns on Shopify. Everything is now possible by integrating your store with Shopify with the help of NotifyVisitors.

Read this article to know how NotifyVisitors enables you to sync your users and configure system events without any need for webhook or custom codes from your part.


Earlier you had to configure webhooks and custom codes to create the Shopify events in NotifyVisitors, but now you can easily enable the system events which are already created in the panel with some simple steps. Also, you can sync in your already existing users in NotifyVisitors. Further, we will discuss the steps to configure both things one by one.

How to sync users in the NotifyVisitors dashboard :

1. If you have a store on Shopify, you can easily sync users by first integrating NotifyVisitors with Shopify.

2. Once you have integrated your store, you can view the shop URL in the dashboard. Follow the below steps to view the URL.

    a. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard > Integration > Third-party integration > Shopify.

  b.Click on the UPDATE option to view your shop URL once the integration is completed.

3. Next, click on the SYNC user button in order to sync your existing users into NotifyVisitors users. All of your users will become NotifyVisitors users by enabling the sync option.

How to enable the system events in the NotifyVisitors dashboard :

Once you have integrated your store with Shopify, you can view the system events in the dashboard. There is no need to configure any webhook or custom codes to create the events. 

Simply follow the below steps to enable the system events :

  • Navigate to the dashboard> Analytics> Events.

  • Go to the System events and select Ecom from the dropdown menu. You can view all the Shopify events here. You can enable any event to run your campaigns. Go to the FILTER EVENT option and find ECom in the drop-down. You can view all the default system events as given in the below image.

        Simply click on the status of any specific event to enable or disable that event.


NotifyVisitors now makes it easy for you to sync your users and enable any Shopify event to run your campaigns so that you can focus more on the productive areas of your brand.

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