How To Integrate Notifyvisitors With Branch IO

  • Created : May, 20, 2021
  • Last Updated : Jan, 21, 2022

Branch IO Integration

Today’s customers do not rely on one channel as they use multiple channels and various devices to shop. It becomes inevitable to track their activities and insights across multiple channels and platforms. 

Branch IO is a cross-linking platform that unifies the tracking of events across different devices and platforms. The increase in mobile users and aggravated use of mobile technology in businesses has led to inaccurate attribution and links. Branch io fixes this problem by providing a seamless experience in terms of deep-linked re-engagement campaigns and tracking all the campaign analytics across all the channels.

How to Integrate Branch IO with NotifyVisitors :

NotifyVisitors is one of Branch IO's data integration partners that makes the tracking of events much simpler and easier. If you have integrated with the branch io, you can feed all the events data to Notifyvisitors. But for that, you need to integrate Notifyvisitors with Branch IO.

Read the below steps for integrating NotifyVisitors with Branch IO :

1. Log in to the Branch IO account to redirect to the Branch IO dashboard.



2. Go to the left-side navigation bar of the panel and click on the “DATA FEEDS” option under the EXPORT section.


3. Now go to the topmost section of the page and click on the “DATA INTEGRATION” bar and put NOTIFYVISITORS in the search bar.


4. In order to integrate NotifyVisitors with Branch IO, you are required to enter the brand id and the secret key. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard > Integration to attain both.


5. Enter the credentials and click on the “SAVE” button and you are done with the integration process.



Note: You need to add the Notifyvisitors API key as a secret key here in Branch IO.

Follow the above steps to integrate notifyvisitors with branch io and enable the tracking of all the campaigns in NotifyVisitors.