Email Reply Condition And Use Cases In Journey

  • Created : Sep, 23, 2021
  • Last Updated : Dec, 04, 2022


User engagement is one of the crucial factors that define the success of your business. As your users are all-pervasive, you must also find a way to engage them at the channels and mediums where they are available. This way you can provide them an omnichannel experience.

Journey builder is a great tool to engage customers with personalized campaigns on the basis of different triggers and conditions. As your users move through different channels at different stages of their journey, journey builder allows you to create unique user journeys based on different actions performed by them.

No matter what medium you are choosing to engage users, Email campaigns are the most primitive and promising medium to engage users. Now, you can imply the condition of email replies when you are choosing the email campaign as a medium to engage users in a journey.

Read more about this condition and learn how you can use it for your benefit.


The “On Replied” condition allows you to enter and engage all the users in the journey who have replied to your email campaigns. It is incomprehensive to manually respond to all the users, therefore you can simply choose this condition whenever you are choosing the EMAIL block to engage users. Further, you can create a follow-up segment as per the actions performed by the users.

Let us understand it better with a use case :

For example, if someone visits your website and registers on it, you can send an email to ask if that client or qualified lead wants a demo to be scheduled. You can send the follow-up emails if the client does not reply. In case he replies, you can send him the thank you and stop any further follow-ups.

Follow the below steps to configure the Email Reply condition in the NotifyVisitors dashboard :

1. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Analytics > Journey.


2. Either  CREATE A NEW JOURNEY or navigate to the edit section of an already created journey.

Create journey

3. Taking the above use case, here we are configuring the event of the REGISTER, i.e. when someone registers on your website, you can send him an email to ask for a demo.

Next, imply the condition of “on replied” on the email campaign, i.e.if the user does not reply you can send him further follow-up emails and if he replies, you can send him a thankyou mail and stop the further follow-ups.  


Imply the condition of “Email Reply” while engaging users with email campaigns and automate the process of engaging the users as per the actions taken by them.