How And Why Should You Use Email Marketing Automation

  • Created : Dec, 04, 2019
  • Last Updated : Aug, 14, 2022

E-mail Marketing Automation makes it possible to reach the right people with the right message. In this article, we will shed light on how Email Automation has transformed the domain of online marketing. Let’s see how.

One of the key elements to run an online business at a smoother pace is communication. In fact, it is essential in each and every aspect of our life. Without communication, our thoughts can never be served into a mindful platter. Similarly, it's vital to take a leap of success in your business with open communication with your users. Also, what matters is the medium to channel your communication.

E-mail is the most primitive yet virtual medium of communication. But the utility of the medium has changed with the passing times. And so does consumers' tastes and preferences. In other words, you can say that technology has transformed consumer’s demand. Therefore, it has become elementary to serve users according to their preferences.

What is Email Marketing Automation

Email Automation

Email Automation is an ideal way to engage your users with personalized messages. It helps in automating the ongoing conversations with the customers. In this way, you can boost your sales by ideally supporting your audience. Also, You can communicate with your users at every step through automated messages.

How to use Email Marketing Automation
1. Craft campaigns based on user’s behavior:

Most of the times users visit your website merely out of curiosity and often times not to buy anything from you. That’s why It takes a lot of time for a visitor to be converted into a customer. Therefore nurturing your leads becomes a lengthy process. In such a situation, Information gathered from Google Analytics helps us in creating tailor-made messages that suit user’s interests.

Email Automation

Let’s have a look at the example : 

Suppose a visitor keeps on browsing your website to just have a look at your television models but he never buys it. How does email automation help to resolve the said issue? You can engage him with a special offer with loads of discounts. Also, you can recommend him various options in highly purchased models. Another way to engage him is through regular newsletter consisting offers and discounts. Do remember to engage him through dynamic content.

2. Autoresponders and automatic follow-ups

Email Automation

One of the prominent examples of Email Marketing Automation is creating  Welcome Email campaigns. Welcome campaigns are a great way to encourage your subscribers to look at the colorful shades of your brand. Apart from displaying your USPs, you can showcase different discounts and offers. This will ultimately prompt the customer to buy your product.

3. Abandoned Carts :

Email Automation

One of the major roadblocks in the process of boosting your sales is your abandoned carts. Users generally don’t buy due to price issues. All you can do is engage him with reminder messages and present him with attractive offers and discounts. So, they finally purchase your product.

Note : You must create personalized automatic reminder messages that revere customer needs.

What are different personalized messages you can engage your customers with :

You can create personalized messages on the basis of user behavioral data.

Email Automation

  • “Customers who purchased this product have also purchased these products” - Display this message when a user has added the product to cart and is on the verge of buying it.
  • “Customers bought this product together with” - Show this message to engage users with the related products to what he has bought.
  • “Most frequently bought product in this category”-  Show users those products which are in vogue.
  • Send personalized messages whenever a cart is abandoned. Display your customers, products that are left behind. Also, you can showcase the top-rated products related to the abandoned product.

Point to Remember: Remember to send messages with different and catchy content so that users don’t find it to be repetitive.


Every online business must adopt an Email Marketing Automation tool to boost its sales. Add the USP of personalization to your messages and you will double your success rates. Engaging users with regular campaigns that too with personalized content impacts your users.

















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