What are Progressive Web Apps ?

  • Created : Oct, 15, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jan, 21, 2022


Progressive web apps have already invaded the web world. Google introduced it two years back. And they are still trending the charts. They use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users.

Progressive web applications provide a great experience to the users, combining the best of web and apps. They do not need any installation from any application stores, they can simply be installed from the websites itself. Also, they are quite useful to the customers while they visit the browser for the very first time.


Some of the handy advantages of the app
  1. They load quickly on a distraught network.
  2. They can be added as an icon on the home screen.
  3. They load in a full-screen mode.
  4. They can access the hardware of the device.
  5. They work offline too.


Main features of PWA
1. They work in an offline mode

Websites don’t display properly during the offline connection. While mobile apps allow users to browse through the apps when they are not online. Thus, information can be easily saved during the last online access. So, a user can see some information, a brand logo, and some of the advanced features.

Businesses can benefit from this feature apprehensively. As people can easily view the key information in the offline mode.


2. Designed like web apps

PWA is designed like an app. At the same time, it provides the functionality of websites with dynamic data. Developers know how to program these apps. They take full advantage of the existing frameworks and theory on how mobile apps provide astounding experience.

PWAs are thus different from the native apps. You can access the information via URLs. They are therefore accessible by the search engines. Thus a business can receive crucial advantages from them.

3. Improved performance

Progressive web apps run faster due to the underlying technology caches, images, and other content on the websites. Thus, you can experience greater enhancements in conversion rates and retention rates from improved performance.


4. Zero installation

Downloading progressive web app does not require to go through the tedious process of downloading it from the google store. Progressive apps have their own icons on phones and tablets. Downloading doesn’t take much time.

5. Implement user features

Another remarkable benefit of progressive web apps is the alternative of implementing different useful features. Publishers and developers can implement this option easily. They can use creative solutions to advertise new content. For example - The feature gives a new dimension to the e-commerce website. Push notifications catch more attention from the customers as compared to the newsletters.

Implement user features

6. Automatic download updations

Progressive web apps do not publish in Google Play or any app store.  They consume less time in downloading. There is no burden on the developer to wait for updates approval. They can push new updates on a regular basis. Users too, have subsidiary benefits. The updates will be automatically downloaded while they relaunch the app.

The benefits of progressive web apps cannot be underestimated. Let’s understand them in detail with the use cases of progressive web apps.

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