A B testing Hacks to optimize conversions in travel industry

  • Created : Nov, 11, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jan, 21, 2021

A/B testing allows you to evaluate your marketing campaigns and conversion funnel. Also, you may know how people are responding to specific elements of your web page. How? By creating a variant of the original version of the page. You may test which version works best for you ?

You can change a headline,content or even an entire page. Thus you can use A/B testing to optimize conversion rates.

A/B testing in Travel Industry

Travel Industry is already experience steadfast growth due to the expansion of business avenues. Also, it has opened great opportunities not only for businessmen but for people too. The emergence of travelling sites has also made it easier for tourists to travel worldwide at reasonable costs and attractive offers.

Vice-a-versa complex behaviours of visitors while purchasing travel packages has impelled the travel industry leaders to have a steady change in their campaigns. What helps them more other than ab testing to optimize their website conversion rates.

How do travel businesses employ a/b testing to optimize conversions :
1. Enlarge product images

A/B Test allows you to change the headline,images, CTA and more. A visitor is usually attracted by the images and content of the travel site. Catchy content and magnifying images can easily behold a visitor’s attention. Also, focusing on these specific elements can help in fetching more conversions.

Enlarge product images


2. Decrease the number of products on homepage

Overboarding your page with too much information or large no. of products diverge a user’s attention. Also, it can muddle a visitor’s mind. Display minimal products on the homepage can lead to more clarity and can fetch more conversions.

Decrease the number of products on homepage

3. Choose a contrasting CTA button color

CTA button ensues a visitor to perform specific action on your site. Choose a contrasting CTA button or color to allow the users to click on it at one go.

See the image below for better clarity :

Choose a contrasting CTA button color

CTA button is a Key highlight in your web page. It must stand out other elements otherwise it will get hidden like the other elements and won’t be distinguished.

4. Mobile -friendly website

The browsing trends have certainly changed over the years. People have now started browsing websites on their mobile devices as compared to the desktops. Thus a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour. Make sure your website is responsive and easy to use for your visitors. Otherwise it would be hard for the visitors to go through the purchasing process.

Mobile -friendly website

5. Use small font sizes to display the prices

Always remember to use small font sizes to display the prices. It works on human psychology. First of all, it will not instantly grab visitor’s attention. They won’t feel the burden to pay a heavier price. Also, longer fonts might deviate user’s mind from product to its price.

Use small font sizes to display the prices

6. Provide more info button on your product

Fill customers with all the relevant info about the products. With more info button,they can explore more about the product. Also, they can be more affirm in their decision to buy the product.

Provide more info button on your product

7. Save products for a shorter time duration

Scarcity of anything creates an immediate urgency. This is not just a statement but a fact. You can evoke urgency amongst the users by letting them save the products in their cart only for a shorter period of time.

Save products for a shorter time duration

This will indirectly influence users to buy the product before the time expires.

Travel websites must be more subtle and creative. They must be stuffed with colorful and enlarged images. Also, A/B testing allows to create and test a variant of the original version by changing these elements particularly. Thereby you can know which version is captivating more users.