Configure NPS email templates in NotifyVisitors

  • Created : Jun, 04, 2021
  • Last Updated : Apr, 15, 2024

Net Promoter Score 

Net Promoter Score is one of the key metrics to measure the success of the business. It measures the likelihood of a customer referring your brand to their friends and acquaintances. It is also helpful in estimating future sales and predicting the growth of the company.

By knowing the perception of the customers regarding your products and services, you may know where you stand in the market against your competitors. You can gather the NPS data by requesting the customers through email to rate you on a scale of 0 to 10. You can send the NPS surveys through an email and know what scores your customers are giving you.

NotifyVisitors enables you to create NPS email templates and customize your content by using a simple URL tag. Read this article to know about how you can create NPS email templates and what tag you need to instill.


NotifyVisitors lets you create NPS email templates and customize your content as per your requirements. You can create various emails with your own content including the ranking in the email simply by replacing the URL tag of 0 to 10 with the double parallel line URL. Consequently, NotifyVisitors will replace the URL with their URL and will track all the NPS responses. 

Read further to know how to create NPS email templates and how to instill the URL in the email tag.

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> NPS > Create NPS. Click on Create New NPS to move further.

create NPS

  • Choose from the different templates as per your requirements.

  • Next, choose the NPS designs as per your requirements and Assign a name to the NPS survey. Further, click on the SAVE button.



  • Give a description of the survey and customize it by choosing the content background color and CTA button color.

         NPS description

          nps color

  • Define the targeting rules and move to the INTEGRATION section to create the NPS email template.

          NPS targeting rules

  • Next, navigate to the NPS distribution in the INTEGRATION section to create an email.

           NPS distribution

  • Click on CREATE EMAIL, assign a CAMPAIGN NAME, and the campaign type. After determining the fields, click on CREATE CAMPAIGN.

        NPS email

  • Give the BASIC INFO for the email and define the targeting rules to move to the TEMPLATE setup.

       email targeting

       tracking email

  • Click on the NEXT button to move to the TEMPLATE setup. You can create or make changes in Custom HTML or can add your own approved templates, by clicking on choose from templates option.

       template setup

Note: To upload your CUSTOMIZED templates, you need to navigate to the TEMPLATE section of email campaigns. You can create an EMAIL TEMPLATE or Click on any of the templates to upload the CUSTOM layout. You will be able to see the uploaded templates in the dropdown menu of Choose from templates category.

        email template

You will be able to see the uploaded templates in the dropdown menu of Choose from templates category.'

        select template

  • Next, click on the source code and replace the email tag with the DOUBLE PARALLEL LINE URL TAG. The feature enables you to create different email templates with your customized content. 

 You need not worry about the tracking of the responses in any case as NotifyVisitors will replace the URL with their URL and will generate the URL link as and when customers give their scores. The feature simplifies the tracking of the NPS responses more easily which is also done by NotifyVisitors.

NPS responses




Follow the above steps to create various email templates along with your customized content with a simple tag.

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