Configure Precomputed Segments Feature In NotifyVisitors Panel

  • Created : May, 11, 2021
  • Last Updated : Dec, 07, 2023

Segment your Users

Customer engagement is an important and valuable aspect of fetching more customers and enhancing your brand value. But you cannot engage every user on one particular aspect. Different users behave differently on your site, here comes segmentation in the forefront.

You can create a segment for the users based on their past behavior, demographic factors, and the events or actions they perform on your site. Further, you can add attributes to those events. Earlier, we had to update the segments every time, but now with the help of precomputed segments feature, you only have to specify a time frame after which the segment gets updated automatically.

A segment eases up your work not only in managing your users but also in tracking up the key metrics for the campaigns.

NotifyVisitors has now come up with a new feature of “marking precomputed segments” which enables you to update segments after a specific period of time (in regards to days and hours).

Read this article to learn more about this feature and how it works in the NotifyVisitors panel.

How to configure the precomputed segment feature in the NotifyVisitors panel :

You can configure the feature of “precomputed segment” for past-behavior segments. Suppose you want to track and re-engage the users of the country (India and USA) to perform the goal conversion. These users visited your site, added the product to the cart, but abandoned your cart. That means they did not perform the goal conversion, i.e. Purchase. 

Now you can create a segment for the users who performed one event (add to cart) and not the other (order success). By using the feature of "precomputed segments" the users who will be doing the same thing will keep on updating onto this segment. Before discussing the feature itself, we will first know about the PAST BEHAVIOUR SEGMENTS.

What are past behavior segments :

You can create a segment based on the past behavior of the users who performed an event/events on your website or who perform one event but not the other one and are filtered by demographic properties.

Below are the steps to configure the precomputed segments feature in the NotifyVisitors panel :

1. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> segment >create a new segment.


2. Create a past-behavior segment. Here we are creating a segment of ACTIONS WITH USER PROPERTIES.


       3. Next, assign a name to the segment.



4. Taking the above example, we have added the demographic properties of the users, i.e. creating a segment of the users who belong to India and the USA.

create past behavior segment

5. Next, we have added the rules as stated in the above example, we are including the users who added the product to the cart but did not purchase the product.

6.Now that we have added the rules and properties. The next step would be to mark this segment as precomputed in order to update the segment automatically as soon as any user performs a similar event. It simplifies the tracking and re-engaging of the users.

Note: Add other rules for the people who perform/did not perform the event and specify the count of the users who performed/did not perform the event in the rules.

7. Now, mark this segment as precomputed so that it can be updated automatically after a specific period of time. 

For example - If you have created a segment for the last 15 days and you want this segment to get updated after a specific period. You simply have to click on the “precomputed” option and define a specific time in terms of hours and days).

If we talk about the above-created segment of abandoned cart users and we want to update it after every 5 hours. We just have to click on the checkbox option of “precomputed” segments and specify the time period of 5 hours in the “update segment” field. That means, all the users who are abandoning the cart will keep on updating in this segment.  Similarly, if you choose 5 days instead of five hours, your segment will keep on updating every five days and will be including the users who are abandoning the cart.

Note: You must configure this feature before scheduling any campaign for the segmented users.


Precomputed segments reduce your task including the users time and again who are performing a similar event time and again. You can ease up your work and allow the segments to be updated automatically after a defined period.