How to create a segment.

  • Created : Dec, 18, 2020
  • Last Updated : Dec, 04, 2022

The following article will let you focus on what is segment and how can you create and use it while sending email campaigns.

What is a segment?

Managing contacts is one of the hardcore tasks one needs to deal with. You have their information such as their source, location, what actions they have performed, and much more.

But at the time of sending them campaigns, you must be more alert and organized to avoid chaos. That is how the segment comes to the forefront.

In this article, you will come to learn about how segments work in the NotifyVisitors dashboard.

But before moving forward, let us know the definition of a segment.

  • “Segmentation” is the process of segregating and filtering similar contacts. What comes out as a result after filtration is a segment.
  • Segments are usually created to target audiences on the basis of shared data. Once you create a segment, you will be able to set conditions to filter your contacts on the basis of the info you have about them.

1. Go to the AUDIENCES section to access SEGMENT.

2. Click on it to create a new segment and give it a name. 


3.Tap on the create button and you will be redirected to the page where you are required to define the targeting rules. 

  • Select attributes: Choose from the campaign list for which you are creating a segment. For example- if you have chosen the Home page lead form. Therefore, you can select conditions from its variables. i.e. name, age and email, city, and so on.
  • Select conditions: Select conditions on your created segment. For example -  We can define a condition with the subscriber’s age or name. You can choose to select the condition that must be equal, less than, or contain the value of the subscriber’s age.
  • Select value: It defines the value of the subscriber’s age or name.



Note: You can set multiple conditions on a segment.

  • Add and save it. Also, you can delete a created segment.
  • After creating segments and setting conditions for them. We must know how to use them otherwise there will be no point in creating segments.
  • Browse through the campaigns of your panel and go to the email campaigns.
  • Choose to use SEGMENTS as your targeting rule to define your audience while sending email campaigns.


Follow the above steps in order to create and use a segment with NotifyVisitors dashboard.