How To Create A Segment In NotifyVisitors Dashboard

  • Created : Apr, 22, 2021
  • Last Updated : May, 18, 2024

What is a Segment

Managing contacts is one of the hardcore tasks one needs to deal with. You have their information such as their source, location, what actions they have performed, and much more.

But at the time of sending them campaigns, you must be more alert and organized to avoid chaos. That is how the segment comes to the forefront. 

NotifyVisitors enables you to create different segments based on different attributes and user properties so that you can track the key metrics of your campaigns easily.

In this article, you will come to learn about how segments work in the NotifyVisitors dashboard.

How to create segment in NotifyVisitors :

1. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> segment > Create new segments.

2. Click on CREATE NEW SEGMENT and create the following segments :

  • Past behavior segment: You can create the segment based on the past behavior of the users who performed an event/events on your website or who perform one event but not the other one. Also, you can create segments for the users who performed an event/did not perform an event (custom or system event) and are filtered by demographic properties. For example - You can create and configure birthday campaigns. You can automate the campaigns based on the birthdate (demographic properties ) of the users.
  • Live user segment: Here you can create segments in real-time as soon as the users perform an action on the site.
  • Custom list segment: You can create a segment based on the list of the users you have created and uploaded.


3. You can create a segment on the basis of the following parameters :

  • User profile
  • User-behavior

Note: You can create any segment (past behavior, live segment or custom list segment) on the basis of the above-mentioned parameters.

For example - If you want to create a live user segment on the basis of event/events performed by the users, you can follow the below steps :

  • Click on the Real-time action category in LIVE USER SEGMENT  and assign a name to the segment.

  • Submit it and move further to add the attributes & rules in the user profile and user behavior parameters. 

       Let's understand it better with the help of an example -

  1. Suppose you want to track the analytics for the drop-off users who visited your site, add the product to the cart but did not perform any action further. In other words, they added the product but did not purchase the product and dropped- off from the site.
  2. USER PROFILE: Now add the user property, i.e. the user attributes. If you want a track of the users who visited the site from a specific country, added the product to the cart but did not purchase the product. You can add “country attribute” and add condition and values as given in the below image. 

For example - if you want to track the users of a specific country, choose “include” from the drop-down menu and add the value/values.

Note: You can add other attributes also such as UTM, source, location, traffic source, activity, system, etc. Add condition and values accordingly.

For example - Suppose you want to track the users who dropped off and abandoned the cart from any source, medium, campaign, or content. You can choose to add the UTM parameter attribute. That means you can track the users who came from any of the channels on which your campaign is running.

III. USER-BEHAVIOR - Next, add the rules to your live-user segment. Choose the group conditions. You can select “any rule” or “all rules must satisfy” conditions as per your requirements. Add the time frame and the count of the users (ADD CONDITION) who performed the event.

Let’s take a look at the example :

Suppose you want to track and target the users who added the product to the cart but did not purchase the product in the last 365 days. You will be able to track only the users who added the product to the cart or only the users who did not purchase the product if you select “Any rule can satisfy”. That means you will be able to track any one of the events. Whereas, if you select “all rules must satisfy”. You can track both events.

segment user behavior

Note: You can add other rules for the people who perform/did not perform the event and specify the count of the users who performed/did not perform the event.

Click on the UPDATE button. You can view the created segment in the segment list in the dashboard. Refer to the below image for more clarity.

                       segment list view

How to create a system event segment :

System events are the events that are already created in the system. You can here create the segment for the users who performed or did not perform a system event and they are filtered by the demographic properties. Further, you can track these users and re-engage them.

Follow the below steps to create a system event segment :

1.Go to the system event segment category under the past-behavior segments and assign the name to the segment.

2.Click on the SUBMIT button to move further. Add the rule/rules and add attributes to the segment. Specify the time frame and the count of the users.

For example - Suppose you want to track and target the users to whom the push campaign is delivered and who clicked on the push at the same time for the last 6 days. We have specified here the count of the users as equal to 300. That means you can track the (number of users) to whom push was delivered and who clicked on the push at the same time.


 Click on the UPDATE button after defining the rules and conditions of the segment.

How to create a custom list segment :

  • Navigate to the custom list segments and click on the list-based category to create a new segment.

custom list segment

  • Assign the name to the segment and upload a CSV file to create a segment for the uploaded users. Here we are creating the segment for the users who have visited the site and purchased the product.


                     segment file

  • Click on the Next button and upload the file to create the segment.

                    create new segment

   Note: You can view the created segments in the dashboard.       

                      view created segments

  • You can navigate back to the segment list to delete the segment, edit it or view the analytics. You can export segments on facebook also.



The purpose of creating segments is to ease up the process of tracking and targeting the users on the basis of user behavior and properties. You can easily target the segments further across various channels (SMS, push, banner and email, etc.) with catchy offers.

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