Hacks to grab growth opportunities from NPS Surveys.

  • Created : Oct, 23, 2019
  • Last Updated : Mar, 02, 2024


Surveys are valuable to get feedback from customers, employees or research respondents. They not only measure customer satisfaction but helps in forecasting your business growth too. There are various types of surveys that deliver great responses. Net promoter score survey is one of them.

NPS Surveys are quite popular form of surveys. Also, their effectiveness is well-established.You cannot underestimate the use of surveys in analyzing customer satisfaction. At the same time, it's quite remarkable in evaluating customer’s preferences about your brand.


Basic functions of NPS surveys

Surveys basically have three functions :

  1. Knowing things you are unaware of.
  2. Validate what you have assumed.
  3. Reinforcing customer beliefs.


All the above factors offer you a lot of scopes to explore growth hacking opportunities. Well, if we talk about NPS surveys, the factors work even far better. But it includes a lot of risks too.

1. Misleading results to achieve the desired outcome

In case you are taking reviews from happy customers. Although on one hand, it would be misleading. But won’t it provide us the desired outcomes ?

2. Don’t survey unhappy customers

You can easily evaluate customer behaviour through the data metrics.  Thus, you can have prior access to user’s information. You may know whether they are happy or not.  Hence, you can serve only happy customers to get the desired outcome.

3. Don’t reinforce negative beliefs

The main goal of sending surveys is to know what you are not aware about. Secondly, to reinforce the respondent’s beliefs. If you already know, customers are not happy with you. Why would you send them a survey? As it will have a contradictory impact on the respondents. Suppose if they are frustrated with you, they will surely evoke their negativity over it.

How can you grab growth opportunities from NPS Surveys :

Let’s have a look at some of the hacks :

1. Strengthen positive beliefs

You must search for the opportunity to send a survey. Time and opportunity play a vital role while sending surveys. Suppose a customer has just purchased your product. You can trigger the survey right after a positive event. This will reinforce their positive beliefs. Also, you will get the desired outcome.

2. When to send a survey

As discussed in the above point, you must send a survey at the right time. Right time means to determine the right event or the triggered event.Suppose you have interacted with the customer or the customer performed an action on your site. It will be the most ideal time for you to send a survey.


3. Mobilize your promoters

Your promoters are the ones who have rated on a scale of 9-10. They are likely to be the ones who can refer your brand to a friend or an acquaintance. In case you are not sure about it. Ask them to write a review about you. In case you are sure of their feedback, write it to them and have a sign-off on it. Thus you must have a precise idea about how to mobilize your promoters.

4. Mobilize your detractors

While you are mobilizing your promoters. Don’t neglect your detractors. As receiving low NPS can increase your curiosity more along with the disappointment. Thus give your detractors another chance to share their feedback. So, they do not criticize you on public platforms. Know what disappointed them. Also, try to eliminate their disappointments.

5. Ask about their experience

Instead of asking about their feedback. Ask about their experience.  Almost every email, SMS or survey has a similar subject line. Thus, you can also prefer modified subject lines that shows that you consider their reviews. Make everything about them and not you.

Follow the above steps to turn your NPS Survey into a growth hack.

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  47. Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys can provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some hacks to help you grab growth opportunities from NPS surveys: 1. Analyze Promoters, Detractors, and Passives: Categorize survey respondents into Promoters (score 9-10), Detractors (score 0-6), and Passives (score 7-8). Focus on understanding the feedback from Detractors as they highlight areas for improvement, while Promoters can offer insights into what you're doing well. 2. Dig Deeper with Follow-up Questions: Include follow-up questions to gather more specific feedback. Ask open-ended questions to understand the reasons behind the scores and gather actionable insights that can drive growth. 3. Prioritize and Address Detractors' Concerns: Identify common themes or issues mentioned by Detractors and prioritize addressing them. Use the feedback to improve products, services, or customer experience. Engage with Detractors to show that you value their feedback and are committed to resolving their concerns. 4. Leverage Promoters for Advocacy: Promoters are your brand advocates. Encourage them to leave reviews, refer friends, or provide testimonials. Engage with them to foster loyalty and identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. 5. Benchmark and Compare Industry NPS: Benchmark your NPS against industry standards to understand how you fare against competitors. Identify areas where you can differentiate yourself and improve customer satisfaction to gain a competitive edge. 6. Share NPS Insights Across Departments: Disseminate NPS insights across departments in your organization. Ensure that everyone understands the feedback and its implications for their respective roles. Collaborate to implement necessary changes and improvements. 7. Monitor NPS Trends Over Time: Track your NPS trends over time to identify if your efforts are making a positive impact on customer loyalty. Regularly review and analyze the data to spot patterns and adjust your strategies accordingly. 8. Continuously Improve and Iterate: Use NPS surveys as a continuous improvement tool. Actively listen to customer feedback, make necessary changes, measure the impact, and iterate accordingly. Embrace a culture of customer-centricity to seize growth opportunities. 9. You should be ready for the most unexpected results Drift Hunters.

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