How NotifyVisitors split testing will not affect the SEO ranking of the page

  • Created : Oct, 21, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jun, 25, 2022

What is Split Testing ?

Split testing is a software tool that enables a marketer to compare two different pages of a webpage. One can determine the performing ability of the original page and the varied one.

The main aim is to enhance the site’s experience for users. In other words, the goal is to boost conversions.

Split Test will have a two-way effect. One is, it will impact the users. On the other side, the Search engine will also take it into account to rank the site. If you split test correctly, you will get marvelous results. If done in the wrong way, it will affect your rankings.

How does it affect SEO rankings

While split testing the webpage, you tend to have two different versions. When Google determines your web page’s ranking. What will take a toll on the process? It’s the different versions of a page with minute differences amongst them. It will confuse the google to rank which page. In turn, your site might get caught for fraudulence.

Also, in the case of testing URL redirects, Split Test can affect the visibility of the site.

General SEO recommendations  :
  • Google supports Split URL test : Google not only supports split test. It provides tools to improve user experience too. Google optimize uses javascript to access the DOM ( Document object model). This enables creating variations for a page.
  • Do include google bot : Split testing tools offer great user targeting abilities. Do not use the tools to debar bot.
  • Do not display too different pages : Do not display too different pages. It will confuse the users. Also, Google might take it as a manipulation attempt. 
Best practices with URL directs

While you want to make various changes to your page. In spite of using an editor to create a variation. You can redirect users to a whole new page, which has its own URL. This case could turn into a total disaster. As you are losing the original version and hosting a variant on your site.

It will reduce your SEO rankings to a greater extent. So, what should you do to avoid the scenario :

  • Do not block google bots : Do not block google bots through your site’s .txt file. It will hamper the bot from reading the content. Also, if you are adding no index command on alternate pages. It will not allow the bot to add pages to Google's index. If you are following the instructions. There will be no chance of your alternate version to get ranked.
  • Set value to the original page : Set value to the original page, will allow Google to serve the same page to the users. Also, it will confirm the bots that variant page has no value. So,you need to set the value to the original page each time you are testing a set of Pages.
  • Redirects visitors through temporary redirects : Rechannel visitors through 302 redirection. Google will take it as a temporary redirection. Hence, it will not change its index accordingly.
  • Modify the original page with new elements : Once the redirection procedure completes . Infuse all the new elements to the original page, as it will ease a conversion.
Effective practices for standard tests :

Javascript overlay is the most convenient way to conduct split tests. So, the changes you made in the variants get loaded to the user browser.  Split url test tools handle the whole process of changes you make in variants.

Through interpretation javascript code changes, you made via graphics editor. The tool will present itself, one of the variants to the user. In the whole process, changes will only occur in the client’s browser. The whole process won’t harm SEO efforts.

As Google will interpret the javascript code, the changes won’t create a problem. Unless and until you want to trick your users. Hence, you must remember the following points :

  • No. of elements for the overlays must be in limit.
  • Make sure the overlays do not conceal the elements of the pages.
  • Don’t overstretch the test time.
 Facts about mobile SEO

In case you are using the Split test solution on a mobile device. It becomes a sensitive issue to confront for SEO, as Google is devising a new mobile roll indexing.

Earlier google use to rank a site on the basis of the desktop version of the content. With the onset of mobile roll indexing. Google is using the mobile device content for ranking instead of the desktop version.

Hence, it's important to keep certain elements , that are vital to SEO. Specifically for mobile device navigation.

Does personalization affect SEO ?

Split URL test tools have effective personalization abilities. By recognizing user behavior on the website. You can personalize the user experience by offering them targeted messages. It can affect SEO too.

When we conduct it using javascript, the scope of SEO becomes restricted. But you can not ignore it in certain cases.

For e.g. If you want to highlight customized content with a pop in to optimize a mobile site. Google will find it hazardous as the page’s content will not be accessible on a mobile device.

Hence, you must adjust the pop-ins to fit-in.  This way you can keep up with the rankings of your site.

While testing, you can apply the above practices to not hamper your SEO rankings.