How to add dynamic forms through NotifyVisitors dashboard

  • Created : Nov, 08, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jun, 25, 2022

We can add dynamic forms when the form is not fetched on a specific URL. All you can do is add the fields manually so that you can track the form fields.

Steps to add dynamic form :

1.  First of all, define the variables of form details :

form details

  • Dynamic form: add the dynamic form you want to track.
  • Form Name: It refers to the form name which you want to track on the given URL.
  • Form selector type:  It refers to selecting either the unique identifier, Element ID or element CSS selector of the form. Note:-
    • If you give CSS selector: Name is mandatory.
    • If you give ID selector: Name is not mandatory.
  • Form selector: It denotes the value of selector type either of CSS selector or ID selector whichever you choose.

2. Add fields

Add fields

  • Field type: The field type determines the HTML input Element. (It can be Phone, Email, Text, etc). ( It can be arithmetic, numeric and alphabetic).E.g. text, password, e-mail, number.
  • Field selector type It refers to selecting either Element ID or Element CSS selector of the HTML field

Add fields

  • Field selector: It refers to the selector type “value” while you choose ID or CSS selector.
  • Name: It signifies the field name which you want to display on the page URL.

         Note: If you give CSS selector: Name is mandatory, If you give ID selector: Name is not mandatory.

  • Label: Add labels to the fields so that you can distinguish the one field with other while analyzing the report

  Note: You can change the label name anytime.

Add as many fields as you want to.

3. Add submit button:  Define the variables of the submit button.

  • Button name:  It indicates the name of the CTA button which allows users to complete their process.
  • Button selector type:  It refers to choose ID or CSS selector as a basic source to design web page elements.
  • Button selector: Button selector specifies the value of your chosen button selector type. i.e. ID or CSS selector.
  • Button type: It refers to specifying the type attribute for the button element. 

Now that you know the steps to add the fields directly to the form. You are good to go whenever you are unable to fetch a form on a specific URL.

Notify Visitors Dashboard provides you proficient tools to create as well as add dynamic forms as per your requirements