How to create a form analysis campaign

  • Created : Nov, 08, 2019
  • Last Updated : Aug, 12, 2022

How to create a form campaign with Notifyvisitors Dashboard

NotifyVisitors Dashboard lets you create a form campaign by following these simple steps :


  • To create a form campaign, go to the NotifyVisitors dashboard and go under the configuration section on the navigation bar.
  • Click on form analysis right below the configuration section.
  • Click on “Create Form” to form a campaign.


  • Create a campaign by defining the name of the campaign.

Now that a form campaign is created. Let us know how to configure form analysis by defining its variables :


  • Status: Check if the form campaign status is active or inactive.
  • Dynamic form: If the form doesn’t load on the tracking URL, you can activate the dynamic form and create the form analysis campaign manually.
  • Configuration type
    1. Simple: Track the form by stating the URL, where the form is located while you set the configuration type to simple.
    2. Advance: If you want to track the form on multiple pages then you can use the advance option.

You can target pages that contain forms by selecting either :


  •  Page URL : It defines the source where the form is located.
  •  Page Path : It defines the final URL where a user land on when he or she arrives on page.

Track URL : Enter page URL on which form is running.  Then click on the load form button and you will be displayed all the forms which are available on the given page URL.   

Now select the form which you want to track on the given URL. In case the form is not fetched on the specific URL. You can add a dynamic form manually.


After selecting the form, simply click on create a form and you are done with the process.

Form analysis are created to collect user’s relevant information which is further stored in the database. The collected data is used to promote marketing campaigns and for generating leads.