How to move your site from HTTP To HTTPs.

  • Created : Jan, 13, 2020
  • Last Updated : Sep, 26, 2023

What is HTTPs?

HTTPs is an advanced and secure version of HTTP. Why ? As it enables secure information by encrypting the entire communication with SSL. Also, it is a secure combination of SSL protocol and HTTP. Therefore, it gives you a much safer and authenticated identification of a server in comparison to HTTP which lays down certain rules and regulations for the browsers to communicate.

How can you migrate website from HTTP to HTTPs enabled account :

The major difference between the HTTP and HTTPs account is merely of the opt-in trigger.

  • On HTTP, users have to go through a bit of a lengthy process. i.e. They have to follow a two step process in order to subscribe.
  • On HTTPs, users can choose to opt between one step process and two step process.

After taking a glimpse of the difference between the two, let us discuss the steps to migrate an account to an HTTPs enabled account :

1. Account login: First of all, login to your NotifyVisitors Account.

          Account Login

2. Code and Implementation : Go to the integration settings of your account and click on it. There, you can view the integration code of your website.

                                              Https code and implementation

3. Download zip Files : Next, go to the left sidebar of the panel and click on HTTPs settings. You can download the zip files from here as seen in the below image. Download and copy them to the root directory of your domain.

                                            Download zip files

 4. Check manually : You can check manually if your zip files have been uploaded to the root directory or not. In order to check it, go to your site. Click on the inspect element. Go to the application< service worker

                                        Check manually

 5Move successfully : That is how you can successfully move your site from HTTP to HTTPs.

  •  In case your website is invalid : 

Suppose you have entered an incorrect URL during the sign-up process and you want to convert it to HTTPs. You can contact our customer support at :