How to integrate Banner code through Google Tag Manager.

  • Created : Dec, 26, 2019
  • Last Updated : Apr, 21, 2021

The following article will let you have a clear picture of integrating your banner code through Google Tag Manager.

 With Google tag manager, you can easily manage tags such as measurement and marketing optimization javascript tags on your site. Also, you can integrate codes on your website much quickly. 

Note : You can install and edit the tags too.

Let us look at the steps to integrate banner code through Google Tag Manager

  • You can begin the process of banner code integration by logging into your NotifyVisitors Account.
  • Next step is to choose a workspace. 

From where can you choose the workspace ?

Simply go to your account and click on the overview section.

Overview section in Google tag manager


How can you create and configure a new tag ?

  • Create a new tag by tapping on to the “New Tag’’ option. 

Create a new tag


  •    Click on it and “Add a new tag’’.

Configure the tag through safe and secure steps :

  • Choose the tag type for tag configuration.

   tag configuration


  • Click on to choose custom HTML.
  • Next, go to the “Integration Page’’ of your NV account. Copy the banner code and paste it in the custom HTML section of your Google Tag Manager Account.

                          Integration page

                                          Tag fire in Google tag manager


  • Next,choose the trigger type to fire the tag. 

Note : The banner code is integrated once the page is loaded fully.

        Integrate banner code

Here we have chosen the “window loaded” trigger type.

How can you choose the trigger type ?

  • Add a new trigger and by clicking on the “plus’’ sign as featured in the below image.

              Add a new trigger

  • Now click on the save button to save the trigger.

                                             Trigger saving in Google tag manager

  • Now give your tag a name so as to distinguish it from the other existing tags. For Example : NV_Banner Tag.

              Name your tag


  • Now that your banner code is properly installed. It’s time to check it if it is installed on your site or not.

Steps to debug the code you have installed :


  • Click on “Preview’’ button of your Google Tag Manager Account.

Preview tag in Google tag manager


  • Next, open your site in an additional tab to see if the tag has been installed or not.

                                            Proper installation of code

  • The tag is properly installed on your site as you can see in the above image.
  • Lastly,click on the “submit’’ button and publish it from your Google Manager Account.

Follow the above steps to integrate banner code through Google Tag Manager.