Transactional push request analytics in NotifyVisitors

  • Created : Jun, 11, 2021
  • Last Updated : Apr, 14, 2024


Push notifications are a great marketing medium to engage your subscribers and nudge them to perform actions on your website. You can engage the subscribers with catchy offers through different types of push notifications. 

NotifyVisitors enables you to create different push campaign types and schedule them for the subscribers. Transactional push campaigns are one of them, which you can send to the push subscribers when they trigger an event on your website. Read this article to know about the transactional campaigns in NotifyVisitors and how to view the transactional push campaign analytics in the dashboard.

Transactional push campaigns are sent to the customers and subscribers to deliver important information about a customers’ account or transaction such as delivery or shipping confirmation.


NotifyVisitors allows you to send transactional campaigns either after uploading the CSV file which consists of a list of subscribers or you can send notifications through the API calls.

Apart from sending and scheduling the campaigns, you can view the requests on the push notifications and the requests which are in processing.

Below are the steps to view the transactional push campaign request analytics in the dashboard :

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Web Push > Notifications.

broadcast notifications

  • Go to the ANALYTICS section of any CSV push notification.

csv notifications

  • Once you click on the ANALYTICS section of the dashboard, you will be navigated to the PUSH REPORT ANALYTICS. Click on the PUSH STATS to view the transactional push campaign analytics in the CSV upload stats category.


         You can view the push requests that are processed on different dates.

         push requests

  • You can view all the push notifications you have sent through CSV upload. Also, you can view the number of processed notifications out of the sent notifications. In the API stats, you can view the number of notifications that have been hit on the request API and the number of notifications that have been processed.

Note: You can be aware of the un-processed notifications where there is no subscription found against the user.


Transactional campaign analytics enable you to retarget the customers. You can identify the user id if they are sent through the APIs and engage him with the relevant push notifications.

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