What are dynamic heatmaps ?

  • Created : Oct, 29, 2019
  • Last Updated : Mar, 03, 2024

Any business requires a strong foundation to build their empire. Since traditional business faded away with the emergence of online business. Things have usually turned up easier and flexible. On the contrary, retaining the power potentials of any business is seemingly difficult. Specifically any e-commerce business needs patience and perseverance on their part to keep up their success and growth. What truly defines a business growth is to sustain its customers.

Valuable Customer Insights

There are various elements that are detrimental in a business growth. One of them is customers actions and behaviours. Customer insights enable an e-commerce business to know what are user’s needs and demands. Also, it helps a business to analyze the customer insights to improvise their strategies and marketing campaigns. Hence a marketer can increase its conversion rates through valuable insights.

Marketers use various analytical tools to study the user experience. Although these analytical tools proves to be effective in generalizing the facts. But not all of them provides information to the tee.

Here comes Heatmaps in the forefront.

Heatmaps are of different types and you cannot just use any heatmap for your dynamic website. You need more to explore an e-commerce site. As e-commerce websites are dynamic in nature. They have more interactive elements such as carts and order pages. These pages reflect user information that is required by a business to extract out key information. A business can use this data to improve page performance and to know the distractible elements. So, that a user can only focus on the key elements of the page.

For such a situation, dynamic heatmaps work wonders for your business as well as for your site.

What are dynamic heatmaps ?

Dynamic heatmaps have different functionality as compared to static heatmaps. Static heatmaps can only be placed on the home pages, product pages and landing pages. But dynamic heatmaps allows you more exposure. You can easily plot dynamic websites on websites having dynamic URLs. They allow you to gather customer activity on pages such as products, orders and account settings.

Dynamic heatmaps provide four primary features :
  1. Click maps
  2. Scroll maps
  3. Click areas
  4. Element list

These features allow you to look into the key areas of a web page.

Let’s have a look at how dynamic heatmaps can provide useful insights in an e-commerce site :

1. Analyze cart page insights using dynamic heatmaps

Analyze cart page insights using dynamic heatmaps

The above image displays a cart page of an e-commerce website. A dynamic heatmap has been plotted on the cart page.It shows that most of the users click on the product images,cancel button,postcode section, go to checkout icon and discount codes, after they add products to the cart.

The above information can assist you in drawing out various conclusions :

  • Before the customers finally proceed with the payment. They might want to check out the product images once again.
  • They might not like the added to cart product and want to remove it from the cart. They might not be able to see the product image. Thus they want to abandon the cart.
  • They might be interested in availing discounts. Hence, that area is much hotter than the other.

All the above information helps out in generating speculations on improving the performance of page elements that are having dynamic URLs. So, that you can find out right ways to increase conversions and improvise customer experience.

2. Analyze order page insights using dynamic heatmaps

“My order’’ page is an important page to look out for gathering customer behaviour data. Although it is less explored. On the contrary, it enables users to watch over the products they have recently or previously ordered. An e-commerce company can plot these heatmaps on their websites to know which elements are fetching maximum attention.

Analyze order page insights using dynamic heatmaps

The above image displays my order page of an e-commerce website. A heatmap has been plotted on the order page. The plotted heatmap shows most of the clicks on “track icon”, “need help” button and product images.

People are hardly clicking on the “rate and review product” icon which is of course a key element in fetching product reviews. Thus a heatmap enable you to note the neglected elements of the web page. So, that you make amends to the said page. For example- You can add product review pop-ups or CTA buttons on order page. Also, you can reward the customers for adding reviews.


Dynamic heatmaps are apt matches for an e-commerce website. They can provide you more internal qualitative insights in comparison to other analytical tool. Every click is an enigma.

Dynamic heatmaps allow you to unwind the little pieces of that enigma.

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