What is Vapid ?

  • Created : Dec, 11, 2019
  • Last Updated : Apr, 21, 2021

The following article will let you know about the importance of vapid in push services. So, Let's get started.

Marketing trends change day after day with the arrival of popular and engaging mediums. Some stay and some just worn out with the passing time. Push Notification is one such medium whose popularity is moving beyond the sky limits. But yet there could be certain security issues faced by the users and push application servers in the sending and receiving of such notifications. For relieving this issue, you can employ vapid method. 

Before moving further, let’s discuss what is vapid ?

As discussed above,vapid is a brand new way of sending and receiving push notifications across the web. Earlier notifications were sent through Fire Cloud Messaging or Google Cloud Messaging.

But the trends are changing and the applications are slowly moving towards vapid because of its easy to implement quality.

Advantages of Vapid in Push Services :

  • Vapid enables an application server to voluntarily identify itself to a push service.
  • Push service can use this identification information to attribute requests that are made by the same application server to a single entity.
  • It plays a major catalyst in improving the delivery rate of the push notification.
  • It assists in upgrading the performance of push notification services on the basis of reports,analysis and observation.
  • One major advantage of vapid over GCM and FCM is vapid support more browsers.
  • Vapid prevents the stealing a user push subscription from an attacker. 

Overviewing the benefits of vapid in web push services. You can analyze how important is it for sending and receiving push messages.