How to create leave intent push notifications.

  • Created : Feb, 19, 2020
  • Last Updated : Mar, 27, 2023

What are leave intent push notifications?

Leave Intent Push Notifications are the prompting messages that appear in the forefront of a visual interface. They pop-up on a page to interrupt the users with the promotional message when they are about to leave a site.

These Push notifications usually contain promotional messages, offering catchy offers and discounts on products and services. They not only nudge users to take a look at them but prompts them to click on it as soon they see them. Therefore, they enable you to re-engage users as and when they are about to leave the site.

Leave intent push notifications have a lot of advantages. Let’s see what are they :

Advantages of leave intent push notifications :
  • Instant Visibility : You can choose to display a leave intent push notifications after a specific time, a visitor leaves your site. It will immediately catch his attention and will prompt him to perform an action.
  • Increase Conversions :These push notifications prove to be effective as they generate more clicks and more opt-in subscribers. Suppose a user has added a product to the cart and has not yet bought it. You can re-engage him with the catchy offers on the added product via these notifications. 
How to create leave-intent push notifications in NotifyVisitors dashboard :

1. Go to the NotifyVisitors panel > Notification > Leave Intent Push Notification.

Access popup notification

2. Click on Create New Push Notification.  

Pop-up notification description

3. Once you define the description,media and advanced options of the notification. It's time to define its targeting rule.

targeting rule

  • Page URL: Specify the page url rule which contains/includes/not includes the URL on which you want to set leave intent push notifications.  

4. Now define the time to schedule your LEAVE INTENT PUSH NOTIFICATION. Specify the time,as to when your users will see the notification after they are leaving the site.

                  schedule push notification

Leave intent push notifications can accelerate your business growth if it's created with the relevant message to prompt users to not leave your site.