What are Web Push Notifications ?

  • Created : Oct, 08, 2019
  • Last Updated : Mar, 24, 2023

Web Push notifications are user engaging tool, even when users are not present on your site. It is the easiest and fastest way of sending valuable information to users. Users can receive it on their mobile devices or desktop. You can build your own notification tool or use notification service to start push notification for the website.

The best part of web push notification is you can send personalized notifications on the basis of users behavior or actions. Thus you can boost your sales or increase business ROI.

Types of Web Push Notifications :
  • Standard Push notification : These notifications include a title, message, small icon displayed to the left of the notification message.
  • Rich push notification : Rich Push notifications are similar to the standard push notification. The only difference between standard and rich push notification is you can add a rich content image below the message. They also include a title, message, and small icon.
Let’s have a look at how to create push notifications in a detailed step by step process :
  • Log in to your notify visitors' account or create trial account and try how easy it sending push notification with NotifyVisitors. You will land on our default dashboard for web push notifications.

                  push subscribers statistics

  •  Go to the notifications section on the left side of the panel. Click on create new to create push notifications.

Create new notification

Here you can create your preferable type of notifications. i.e. Standard push notification and Rich push notification.
  • Create now: Click on the type of notification you want to create. Click on the create now button.
  • Notification name: Name a notification to identify it easily amongst the other existing notifications.
  • Notification name: Add the notification name and save it.

                             add notification name

 Create push notifications by defining all the variables of the description.
  • Title : Put a heading to your notification. Specify what your notification is all about.
  • Message body : Write your message in brief here.
  • Call to action URL : This will be the URL where the user will land after clicking on the notification. Here, he can know the description of the notification.

                                            Push notification description

Next, define all the variables of CTA button.
  • Text : This implies the text of CTA button.
  • URL : This is the URL where a user will land after clicking on the notification.
  • Icon URL :  This is the URL that you want to display on the notification. Generally, it is the website’s logo.

                push cta button

Go to the below section of the panel. Here you can see different icons. After completing the description variables. Click on the media section.

Now, Define all the variables of media button.
  • Enter Image URL :  This is the URL of the notification image which you want to display.Upload the image directly by browsing through the folders. Image size must be 200 pixels * 200 pixels. Save it and continue with the next step.     

Push notification image

    Click on the advanced options button on the below section of the panel.
  • Lifetime of a message : Set the expiry time of the notification message.Apply the time frame till when the notification will appear to the user.
  • Autodisappear : Apply the auto disappear settings by clicking on Yes or No.
  • Select lables : Create labels for your push notifications that can denote the category under which your notification falls.
  • Frequency capping : Choose to apply frequency capping for your push messages. Determine which campaigns must be sent at what time to your users.

                                    Push advanced options

How do you track conversions ?

Now, go to goal conversion section and define your conversion URL.

  • URL rule : This variable states the URL rule of your goal conversion. How do you want your users to turn into customers? It defines your goal to attain conversions.
  • URL : This is the URL, that will take the users to the link where you can attain your goal conversion.

                 Track conversions    

 Which user base do you want to target ?

Determine the variables of the targeting rule section.

  • Basic rule : Target the user whom you want to send the notifications across all platforms and devices. The checkbox type allows you to choose a specific browser or device on which you want to send the notifications. Set the time frame to send your push notification.

                basic rule for notification

  •   Location rule :  Target the users according to their locations.

                   location rule

  •  Select group : Select a group to whom you want to send a push notification.

Select notification group

  • Page URL : It defines Pages on which subscriber subscribed for push notifications.   

Notification url

  •  Audience :  It defines sending web notifications to segmented users based on their actions and browsing behavior.

Push notification Audience

  •  Geo-fencing rule : It determines the latitude and longitude of the location of the users to whom you are targeting to send the push notifications.   

Push notification rule

When do you want to send push notifications ?
  • To schedule push notifications, go to the schedule notification section of the panel .
  • Explicate the variables to schedule notifications .
  • Schedule notification time : It defines the time by which you want to send your notifications to the use.       

Schedule notification time

Want to see a preview of your push notification as user ?
  • Send test notification : Before sending the push notifications to the users. Test send a notification to check if it is appearing OK to you. Click on “Test Send” and place your user profile id in the pop-up.

send test notification

What if user missed push notifications ?
  • Notification center :  It determines the display of missed notifications in website’s customized inbox. Here missed notification refers to the unseen or canceled notifications.

Notification center

Follow the above steps to create a push notification. Engage users by sending them relevant messages on their browsers and devices.