How to set frequency capping in NotifyVisitors.

  • Created : Jun, 29, 2020
  • Last Updated : May, 21, 2024

What is Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping is an easy and effortless method to avoid spamming users. It helps in defining the frequency of messages, the users will receive within a specific period of time. i.e. in a day, a month or a week. Also, you can define a time gap between the successive campaigns.

How is it helpful for you :

  • It enables you to determine, how effectively you can engage users through various channels in a short period of time.
  • You can resolve many issues such as the number of campaigns to be sent in a day, what if the users receive too many notifications or multiple promotional campaigns in a day.
How to Access Frequency Capping in NotifyVisitors Account :
  • You can access the frequency capping in the settings of your NotifyVisitors account.

  • Define the variables of frequency capping settings :

Channels: It defines a specific channel through which you will send messages to the users. (push, email, or SMS). You can choose to turn on the channel through which you will send messages. 

Total messages: It signifies the frequency of the messages for a specific channel or all channels combined.

Total messages in days: Determine the frequency of days. That means the number of messages a user will receive within a specific day or days through a specific channel or all the channels combined.     

How to set up frequency capping :
  •  Setting up a frequency cap is as simple as blinking an eye. You merely have to specify an upper limit to the number of messages, a user can receive through a particular channel or all channels combined.
  • Add numerical values to all fields as shown in the below image.

Note: Remember that the frequency of messages for all the channels must be evenly distributed so that it should be equivalent to the total no.of sent messages. In case the frequency is not equal or higher, the rest of the messages will not be delivered.

How to set up a time gap for the messages :

You can determine the time gap between your messages after which a user will receive your messages. The time gap must be in minutes, hours, or days. The motive is to space out your messages in a sorted manner so that users don’t get overboard with your messages and ignore them intentionally.

Now let’s have a look to set a time gap for the message for a specific channel or all the channels combined :

  • Add a numeric value to the field to define the time gap within which a user will receive your messages.

For example, You have set the frequency of messages through email as 5. The time defined by you will specify the time interval amongst those 5 messages. A user will receive each Message, say, after a gap of 30 minutes( in case if you have set the said duration).

Note: The time gap for the channels must be evenly distributed so that it comes up equivalent to the time gap of all the channels combined. In case the time gap for all the channels exceeds, it will delay the process as seen in the above image.

Now that you know the step by step process to set up frequency capping and time gap for a specific channel or all the channels combined. You can easily go through the process of managing all your message campaigns effectively.

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