How To Resend Push Notifications

  • Created : Sep, 07, 2021
  • Last Updated : Mar, 27, 2023


Push notifications are bite-sized messages that carry a high customer engagement value. You can engage customers with relevant and personalized messages to earn maximum conversion rates. 

Although these notifications have a lot of benefits but many times there could be many hassles where the notifications do not reach to the subscribers or for some reason they do not click on the notifications due to which you could miss the whole point of driving maximum conversions.

In order to resolve these issues, NotifyVisitors has come up with a handy solution of RESENDING push to automate the process of resending or retargeting notifications to the subscribers who have not clicked on the notifications or either they have not received the push notifications. Read this article to learn about how RESEND push notifications work in the NotifyVisitors dashboard.


The feature of RESEND push notification enables you to retarget those subscribers with the relevant content, whom the original notification has either not been delivered or either they have not clicked on the notifications for certain reasons. The process of resending the notifications happens on a recurring basis. You can schedule the resending of the notifications.

Let’s understand with the help of an example -

Suppose you have sent notifications to the 100 subscribers out of which only 80 have received the notifications. Also, out of those 80, only 40 have clicked on the notifications. In such a case, you can set the conditions to either resend the original notification to those 40 subscribers who have not clicked or either to those 20 who have not received the notifications. 

The aim is to retarget the users on the basis of their behavior.

Below are the steps to resend the push notifications :

1. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard > Notifications>  Send/schedule notifications.

resend push

2. Once you have navigated to the NOTIFICATION CENTER, you can view the setting of RESEND NOTIFICATION. 

resend push settings

3. Now click on ADD MORE STAGE, to begin with retargeting the subscribers with the relevant content. Here we retarget the users who have either not received a notification or either have not clicked the original notification.

add more stage

  • Firstly, click on CREATE NOTIFICATION to edit the original notification on which the users have not clicked/received. 

create notification

  • Click on the EDIT option to create the content as per the behavior of the users. You can either send the same notification (the original one) or edit it. Next, click on the SAVE and CONTINUE option.

                               push notification

  • Set the conditions here to resend or retarget the subscribers who have either not received the notification or either did not click on them.

You can configure the following settings : 

a.Click on the checkbox type option to choose the option for retargeting the subscribers. i.e. users who did not receive or who did not click.

b. Set the day, time, and time zone to resend the notification. Choose from the drop-down menu to set the time interval, the time zone, and at what time you want to resend the notification.

resend notification

Note: You can choose to resend the notification up to a maximum of 7 days span.

Once you have configured the fields, you can click on the UPDATE option.

  • Here you can view the first stage you have created.

    resend push stages

Note: You can edit the stages as per your requirements.

  • Further, you can create more stages to resend the notifications to those users who have either not clicked or received the notifications in stage one. This way, your notifications will be automatically scheduled after the previous stage has occurred.

                    edit notification

Follow the same procedure for editing the notifications and configuring the fields for scheduling the notifications. Here your stage two is all set.

                                editing notifications

  • You can view the notifications that you have scheduled to resend, in the logs section. Remember that you cannot edit these notifications. If you want to edit the notifications, you need to go to the original notification that you had sent.

                             create new notification


Resending push notifications save up your time in manually creating a segment specifically for the users who have performed certain actions. Now, you can simply click on resend push and schedule the notifications to retarget users on the basis of their behavior that too, automated scheduling.