How to create variations for multivariate test in NV dashboard

  • Created : Nov, 20, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jun, 25, 2022

What is Multivariate testing

“You need to look at your CRO, if you want to accelerate your business growth”. It's a popular saying and a tested fact. Conversions are the lifelines of a business. Off course , we require effective methods to optimize them. AB testing and Multivariate testing are few popular methods to pull up the success of your marketing campaigns.

Like AB testing, Multivariate testing is equally relevant for optimizing traffic and conversions to your website. Before going further, let us first know what is multivariate testing.

Multivariate Testing enables you to make amends to multiple sections of a webpage. Also, you can create variations for all the possible combinations that comes out from these amends.

Let’s take an example :

You might want to test two versions each of a CTA button and of the content on a webpage. Now with the help of Multivariate testing, you can create one variation for the CTA button and one for the content. You can now test all the versions by creating combinations of all the variations as given below :

  • Version 1: CTA 1 + Content A
  • Version 2: CTA 2 + Content A
  • Version 3: CTA 1 +  Content B
  • Version 4: CTA 2 + Content

Multivariate testing

You can run multivariate test on all the possible combinations and know which one of them is driving most of the conversions.

When should you use Multivariate testing

A/B Testing and multivariate testing are two different methods but often evokes confusion in user’s mind. Let us know what is the difference between the two. In ab testing, you can have two different versions of a web page. i.e Control and a variation. AB testing allows you to create a variation in which you can modify the elements of a web page. Thereby you can consider which version is performing better or getting maximum conversions.

On the contrary, if you need to check the impact of each modified element individually, multivariate testing is your ideal choice. In order to put it in execution, you need to create different variations.

For example : You can test between the two versions of your content or between two versions of your CTA button.  Look at the above example for more details.

How to create multiple variations through NV dashboard :
  • Log into your Notify visitors account. Arriving at its homepage, you can see the NV dashboard.
  • View the AB test section on the left sidebar of the panel. Create a new AB test by defining its variables. i.e Enter a campaign name and enter page URL on which you want to create an AB test. Click on the create button.
  • You will be directed to a page where you can create a new variation.
  • In order to create a variation, define the variation name and click on the update button.


  • Create as many variations you want to and check the impact of the changed elements on your website traffic.


Notify visitors dashboard allows you to create multiple variations of a web page. It let you fulfill the goal of Multivariate testing which is to determine the best possible combination of variations performs best out of all combinations.