How to Track Push Notifications Through UTM Parameters in Google Analytics

  • Created : Dec, 03, 2019
  • Last Updated : Aug, 14, 2022

The key success of your push notification campaigns lies in the hands of the consumers. Satisfying them and keeping their demands on your top-notch list is the responsibility of any marketer. Therefore, creating campaigns according to your consumers is the ultimate goal of the marketer. But merely creating them doesn’t work. You need to check out the effectiveness of these campaigns to know whether they are working or not. 

What actually makes your campaign stand out amongst your competitors is the number of visitors they are grabbing across various mediums. Therefore, in order to track the efficacy of a campaign. Marketers use UTM parameters of a URL.

What are UTM Parameters 

UTM (Urchin tracking module) parameters are different variants of URL parameters that are used by marketers to check the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns across numerous sources and media.

Notify Visitors Dashboard allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by using three variants of UTM parameters.

We also add default UTM parameters if they are not configured by the user. Suppose users have just put the link and if there are no parameters, then we append the following :


Let’s have a look at the variants which are available in Notify Visitors Dashboard :

What are the variants available in Notify Visitors 

In order to check the effectiveness of your push campaigns, follow these steps to configure UTM parameters :

  • Go to the Home page of Notify Visitors Account. You can view the Notifications section on the left sidebar of the panel. Click on the “ notification” tab and edit the basic details to check the UTM parameters of any campaign.
  • Your CTA button exercises the power to attain maximum conversions. Therefore, in order to know how your campaigns are working. You can put the following link in your CTA description.

Example : URL.?utm_source=NotifyVisitors_browserpush&utm_medium=promotional&utm_campaign=bp

        Define the variables of the UTM parameters.

  • UTM Source: It signifies which site has sent traffic.
  • UTM Medium: denotes the medium from where the users are coming on the site such as push or email.
  • UTM Campaign: It shows a significant push campaign or any specific product promotion.
Push Analytics
 How to use UTM parameters in Notify Visitors dashboard :

Let’s have a look at an example, suppose you are an e-commerce website and are running an offer for 7 days. Also, you want to send 2 notifications per day.

  • Create your notification. Name the campaign “ Offer for 7 days”. Define the UTM source: Notify_ Push Browser and Utm Medium - Push notifications.
  • Go to your Google Analytics Account. You can view your Push Notification Campaign under the Acquisition Tab -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns, you would find your Push Notification Campaign.
  • Calculate the ROI of your campaign by assigning goal value to each of your push notification with a monetary value.

With UTM parameters, you simply need to tag your links. And you are good to examine the effectiveness of your campaigns. It lets you rectify your campaigns so as to drive more visitors to your website.