How to analyze survey analytics.

  • Created : Dec, 03, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jul, 22, 2024

NotifyVisitors dashboard enables you to analyze a survey report.  It lets you have detailed insight into the key analytics of your survey campaigns. In other words, it gives you an integrated view of the impressions and responses you obtain on your survey campaigns.

Let’s have a quick insight into the survey analytics through NotifyVisitors dashboard :
  1. Log in to your NotifyVisitors account. You will be redirected to the home page of NotifyVisitors dashboard.
  2. Follow the below steps to determine the data analytics of the survey campaigns :

First of all, select the time period for which you want to view the responses and impressions of your surveys.

Survey Analyze

  • Impressions: Impressions signify the total no. of views on the survey campaigns for the selected time span. (date range) 
  • Responses: Responses denote the no. of users who have filled the survey campaigns.

survey analysis

  • Response Overview: Get day-wise insights of the total no. of responses on your survey campaigns. View the clicks per day through the graphical representation.

 Also, you can see the graphical representation in two patterns: One with a line graph and the other with Bar graph.

  • Survey Overview: Survey overview lets you look into the key metrics of your survey campaigns. I.e. impressions, views, impressions, unique impressions, and conversion rates. 

         Note: You can view the key metrics of any specific survey campaign.


    Survey Analysis

  • Impressions: Signify the total no. of views on a specific campaign.
  • Unique impressions: They signify the number of users who have seen a specific campaign multiple no. of times. Frequency of impressions would be counted as one no matter how many times a user has viewed the survey campaign.
  • Responses: Denote the no. of users who have filled a specific campaign.
  • Conversions: Conversions signify the number of users who have completed your pre-determined goals.
How to define the Analyze section :

Analyze section of the NotifyVisitors dashboard lets you explore the responses, impressions and analytics differentiation between the two for a specific campaign by selecting it. Also, you can view the analytics for a survey campaign by determining the time span.

How to redirect to the analyze section :

Go to the NotifyVisitors dashboard. You can view the analyze section on the left sidebar of the panel.

1) Response



The following section allows you to view the user’s response on a specific campaign for a specific time frame. 

Note: You can view the user responses by choosing a browser, device, operating system, country IP Address.

 2) Responses report: Responses report allows you to view the maximum no. of user responses for survey campaigns across various countries, devices, or mediums. Define the variables of the response report.

  • Trends: Know which medium got maximum responses on a specific question of a survey campaign.

Survey Analysis

Note: View the responses for a specific campaign and a specific time frame.

  • Geography :

  Survey Analysis

Know country wise or city wise clicks on a specific campaign for a specific time frame.

     survey analysis

  • Technology : 

            Survey Analysis

  •  Determine the no. of responses on the basis of browsers and operating systems.

      survey analysis

  • Determine maximum no. responses a survey receives on the basis of device and time -intervals. Know which time interval got maximum no. of responses on a specific survey so that you can run the survey campaign on that specific time interval only.
  •  Submission URL:

      Survey Analysis

   It refers to the maximum no. of clicks on a page URL where you are running your banner.

   3) Impressions v/s responses

                   Survey Analysis

Determine the total no. of responses, impressions and unique impressions on all or a specific survey campaign in graphical form by selecting a particular time span. Also, you can view it annually, monthly or weekly. Define the variables of impressions v/s responses.

  •  Impressions: Get to know the total no. of views on your survey campaigns.
  •  Unique impressions: View the number of users who have seen the campaigns multiple no. of times. Frequency of impressions would be counted as one no matter how many times a user has viewed the survey campaign.
  • Responses: Observe the maximum no. of responses on a specific or all survey campaigns for a specific time frame.

    Response Rate :

       Survey Analysis

  •  Response rate: Know the response rate for all survey campaigns i.e. ratio of total no. of impressions to the total no. of responses of a specific or all campaigns.
  • Unique response rates: View the number of users who have responded to the campaigns multiple no. of times. The frequency of responses would be counted as one no matter how many times a user has responded to the survey campaign.

Survey campaigns help you in determining your target audience. Also, by determining the analytics of your survey campaigns will help you in re-evaluating your marketing campaigns.

NotifyVisitors dashboard provides you with an elaborative view of the user’s response to your survey campaigns. Evaluate them and review your actions.

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