NotifyVisitors Lead Form Google Analytics Report

  • Created : Nov, 03, 2020
  • Last Updated : Jun, 25, 2022

Google Analytics report :

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides invaluable insights into what is happening on your website, your levels of traffic and engagement, and the effectiveness of your campaigns in terms of success.

Google Analytics could be a little overwhelming to understand, but they are quite vital for your business’s growth. Read this article to learn more about the valuable insights these analytics provide regarding the NV campaigns. Here we will discuss the lead form stats.


NotifyVisitors enables you to grow your subscriber base via customized lead forms. You can capture leads from your mobile site and website and convert your visitors into customers. The Do-it-Yourself editor allows you to create different lead forms with the help of different templates.

Also, AB testing your lead forms is also a key feature of NV to optimize your campaigns and attain conversion rates. Once you create lead forms and run them on your site, NotifyVisitors collects all the events data such as the impressions, completion, and other key metrics for your campaigns. NV fires the events or actions performed by users or visitors in Google Analytics and consequently, Google Analytics provides you an extensive view of all the key performance indicators in a standardized report which is bifurcated into different segments.

Google Analytics provides the following key performance indicators in the NV lead form report :

1. Lead form stats:  View here the real-time analytics of your lead form campaigns such as the Impressions, completion, closed, and completion rates. You will be able to see the aggregate number of impressions completion and closed lead forms.

Define the variables of the lead forms :

  • Impressions: Impressions are the total number of views on your lead forms.
  • Completion: This KPI signifies the total number of submissions on the lead forms which are viewed and fully submitted by the users.
  • Closed: Closed signifies the total number of users who viewed the lead forms but dismissed them.
  • Completion rate: Determine the completion rate by dividing the number of completions by the number of lead form impressions.
  • Closed rate: Closed rate is the ratio of the total number of dismissals to the total number of impressions.


2. User stats who saw the lead form: In this section, you will get to know about the total number of users who came to your site and saw & interacted with the lead forms.

  • Users:  Users are the total number of visitors who came to your site and viewed & clicked on the lead forms.
  • Sessions: Sessions signify the total number of sessions in which users interacted with your lead forms within a specific time frame.


Notes : 

  • You can view the stats as per the source/medium, browsers/devices, user type, and the lead form name.

  • GA enables you to have a graphical view of the user stats. ( completion rates and closed rates for the lead forms ) on a daily basis.


3. Stats per lead form name: You can view the total number of impressions, completions, users, and completion rate for a specific lead form. You get an integrated view of the lead forms on a specific page along with each lead form name.


NV lead form Google analytics reports give you a real-time view of all the key performance indicators so that you can review your marketing strategies further and enhance your brand value.