Analyze subscribers demographic report for push notification in NV dashboard.

  • Created : Nov, 14, 2019
  • Last Updated : Apr, 19, 2021

Push notification is a real-time message which a user receives on its desktop or mobile device. As soon as he clicks on the allow button, he becomes the subscriber. These subscribers are now eligible to receive the push notifications. Till now the process looks pretty simple. An advertiser is sending push notifications and subscribers are receiving it. What makes it complicated is tracking the activity of your subscribers and unsubscribers so as to review your push campaigns.

Notify visitors dashboard turns this complicated task into an easy and handy exercise. Now you can analyze subscribers report by simply following these steps :

Log into your Notify visitors account. Arrive at the home page and see the analyze section right below the notification section on the left sidebar of the panel.

Evaluate the subsections of Analyze section :

SUBSCRIBERS  is the very first subsection under ANALYZE section.  It lets you view the push subscribers’ data on the basis of list, geography, and location. Also, you can view the analytics by selecting a specific time period, browser and subscription or user id.

What does the list denote ?

Subscribers list enables you to view the source and location of a user. Let’s have an elaborative look into the list portal.

What does the list denote

  • User ID :  It refers to the unique identity of each subscriber which is created when he submits to the allow button.
  • Device ID : Device id lets you distinguish the identity of a device from which a visitor turned into a subscriber.
  • Page source : Page source defines the URL on which a user saw a dialogue box and clicked on the allow button.
  • Location : It denotes the location of the subscriber.
  • Subscription status : Define the status of the subscriber i.e. they have subscribed to your services or not.
  • Device : It signifies the device from where a user subscribed to your services.
  • Subscription ID : It reflects the unique id of a user when he turns a subscriber. It is sent by the push service to the browser so that it can be saved securely in the database for later use.
  • Date : It lets you know the time when user subscribed to your services.

How to define the filters of the subscribers list 

  • Date filter : It allows you to see the source and location  and other key metrics of a subscriber over a specific time period. For example -  You can see the data upto the maximum time range of last month.
  •  Browser : Look into the insights of a subscriber on the basis of different browsers. Select the browser from the drop down menu and choose the browser name.
  • Subscription ID :  Watch out the insights of the subscriber through their device id, subscription id.

Note : You can export the subscribers list.

How to know subscribers’ data on the basis of geography ?

Determine the number of subscribers per country and reevaluate which country has maximum subscribers.

basis of geography

Note :  View the insights by selecting a time span, browser, and subscription or user-id.

each city

Determine the total no. of subscribers of each city as illustrated in the above image.

How to analyze the subscribers on the basis of technology ?

View the total no. of subscribers on the basis of devices, time intervals, and submission URL.


  • Devices :  Get to know the total no. of subscribers across multiple devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) through the graphical representation.
  • Time interval : See the no. of subscribers amongst different time intervals.
  • Subscription URL : It signifies the page URL on which a user has subscribed for the push notifications. View the total no. of subscribers from each url across different platforms.

Push notifications' subscription plays a greater role in engaging users with your marketing campaigns. The above scenario requires to have a macro view of your subscribers and their response over your campaigns. The evaluation of key metrics allows you to reevaluate your marketing strategies and optimize them further for greater leaps of success.