Configure Do Not Store Data Feature In NotifyVisitors Lead Form

  • Created : Apr, 19, 2021
  • Last Updated : Jun, 18, 2024

NotifyVisitors Lead Forms

Lead forms are a great medium to fetch the details of your website visitors. You can further engage the visitors with the relevant personalized campaigns. The goal of the lead forms is to convert website visitors into loyal customers.

NotifyVisitors enable you to create a lead form and run them on your website. Also, you can track the analytics in real-time. In case, you want the data of the lead forms, i.e. the information of the users(personal information and other details, etc) to your server rather than being stored in NotifyVisitors, you have to configure a simple “Do not store data in NV” feature from NotifyVisitors dashboard.

How to configure "Do not store Data" feature in NotifyVisitors :

Follow the below steps to configure the “do not store data feature in NotifyVisitors” :

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Sign-up forms> forms.    

  • Click on the FORM to either create a new form or edit the already created ones.                                 

create a lead form

  • Click on the basic details to modify the form and navigate to the INTEGRATION settings.

lead form integration

  • Click on the POSTBACK option to configure the “do not store data in NV” feature.
  • Specify the HTTP Postback,i.e. The server on which you want to redirect the data of the lead forms.
  • Click on the checkbox option of” Do not store data in NV”.           do not store data feature

Click on the UPDATE button once you specify the details.

Note: In case you click on the checkbox option and do not specify the POSTBACK URL, you will not be able to receive the lead form data on your server and neither on NotifyVisitors.

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