How to create a lead form

  • Created : Dec, 30, 2019
  • Last Updated : Jun, 25, 2022

 A Lead form is a great way to attract customers to your website. Also, they are a crucial part of your business as you can turn those leads into conversions further. You can also evaluate who accesses your content and how those visitors interact with it.

How to create a lead form in NotifyVisitors dashboard :

Notify Visitors dashboard gives you a flexibility to create a lead form with some really simple steps :

1) How can you access the “sign up forms”?

You can access the sign-up forms by navigating the top-most section of the panel.

2) Click on the sign-up forms and choose ‘’forms” from there in order to create a lead form.

access lead forms

3) How can you create a new form ?

Click on “Create new form’’ to fabricate a new lead form.

                                Create new form                            

You will arrive at the following page. Choose from here the “form type’’

4) Click on the “Continue Button’’. Choose an already existing template or create a new one as per your preferences. Give your form a title thereafter and save it.

                                         create form with new template

   5) Define the fields while creating a form :

  • Description : It signifies the image url, headline and description of your lead form.


                            image url

  • Image url : Select an image you want to put for display on the form.
  • Headline : It highlights the main title of your form that also suggests your goal.
  • Description :  Give a subheading to the main title of your form.

         Click on save and continue button to go on with creating your lead form.

  • Thank you screen : Give your users an acknowledgement after they subscribe to your services.
  • Thank You Message :  Give your heading a description. Add colors, fonts or links to your thankyou screen.
  • Thank You Heading : It signifies the heading of your thankyou screen.

Thank you heading

       Note : Either choose to display a thankyou message to your subscribers or redirect them to your page by specifying the URL.

  • Form fields:  Define the fields of your lead forms. i.e. name and email.

Add new fields to your form to access more information from the users.

   add new fields

  • Customize form fields : Customize your form in your own way. It defines setting the theme of the form. i.e. background color, or call-to-action button color and icon color.

                                          customize form fields

  • Define the style of your form.
  • Choose to show your close button after some time or choose not to show it at all.
  • Repeat your notification once the user closes it. Choose from the drop down menu whether to show it per session, after a day or on every reload. You can also specify the days interval. For example : Show it after 1 day.
  • Choose the position of your close button.
  • Choose the font, height and width of your close button.

                             style of lead form

  • Targeting rules : Refer to this blog to read more about targeting rules
  • Integration :  Define the variables of integration.
  • Configure URLs : Once you have created the lead form. It's time to configure the form.

 Track the form by stating the URL where the form is located. Define the URL rule by selecting from the drop down menu.

  • URL rule : Track the form by stating the URL where form is located by defining the condition. i.e. equal to the url,contains the url or does not contain the URL.
  • URL : Specify the page URL on which form is located.
  • Status : Check if the form campaign status is active or inactive.



 Group condition : Select to apply the condition from all of these or any one of the above.

 Note : You can add as many fields you want to.

  • Postback : 
  1. Email Postback : Define your email id to collect user’s data.
  2.  Http Postback : Define the URL on which you want user’s response.


  • Configure list : It defines your campaign’s data. You can use it while sending autoresponder email campaigns to your users. Choose from the configured list and send your subscribers regular updates and newsletters once he subscribes and permits to receive regular updates once you send them a verification mail.

                                   configure list


Note : You can only send a user regular updates once he chooses the double opt-in option.

  • Notification group : Create a group to keep a record of your users on a random basis and engage them with notifications.

notification group

   Note : Select the notification group and save it.

  •     Integration code : It defines integrating code on the site where you want to display URL.

                                       integration code

Follow the above steps to create and configure a lead form.