How to create groups for email campaigns.

  • Created : Jan, 03, 2020
  • Last Updated : May, 28, 2023

What are Groups ?

Groups can also be named as categories to organize your subscribers. They are created on the basis of subscribers’ interests and preferences. Generally, they are used while segmenting your audience and accordingly you can send them campaigns.

This way you can manage your contacts and subscribers.

Things to remember before creating groups : 
  • Groups are usually contact-facing, therefore, you can collect information on the basis of what your users tell you about themselves.
  • You can add your subscribed users in a group manually or ask them to choose their own groups. How? By showing them group choices on sign-up form so that your subscribers can join groups while they opt-in.

How to use groups 

  • Before creating a group, decide what you want to call your group and provide it an apt description. In other words, give your group a name to distinguish it from the other ones.

For example : You can categorize your audience on the basis of the services or information a user wants. Suppose certain users are interested in receiving newsletters whereas others want to receive blogs. In such a situation, you can create a group with the subscribers who want a specific service. Thereby you can organize your audience effectively by sending a specific group their desired services or information.

  • You can add contacts to a group or a contact can add themselves to a group.
How to create groups in NotifyVisitors Dashboard :

1. First of all, let us know how to access the audience in order to create a group.

  • Go to the AUDIENCE to access GROUPS.

access groups

  • Create a group by tapping on the create bar. 

                                            Create a group

  • Click on the submit button to save it.
How to view the groups
  • View the groups hierarchically and do the required action.

                                         View groups

  • You can update the group info as per your requirements. Also, you can delete a group as well.

                                        update group

How to use groups in NotifyVisitors Dashboard :

1. You can define the notification group while creating your lead form.

How can you access the notification group section :

  • See the Notification group in the “Integration section”

                              Notification Group

  • Select the group you have created to organize your subscribers. Here we have selected the “Newsletter and email group” Which we had created before to put all the subscribers who have subscribed to receive your newsletter, in this group.

2) Once you integrate the lead form on your site, you are required to put a check box option for the user to select the group you have created. 

                                                  integrate lead form

3) After the user turns into a subscriber and select the notification category so that he will receive regular newsletters from you.

                                                   select notification category    

Follow the above steps to create groups for your lead forms with NotifyVisitors dashboard.