Define SMS Campaign Analytics In NotifyVisitors

  • Created : May, 04, 2021
  • Last Updated : Jul, 22, 2024

SMS Campaign Analytics in NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors enables you to create SMS campaigns and view their analytics under one integrated platform. SMS marketing is one of the crucial and successful marketing strategies. SMS marketing is also known as mobile marketing and marketers promote their products & services via mobile. 

Data plays an important role in analyzing your campaigns and it becomes necessary for the marketers to track the effectiveness of these campaigns to improvise their strategies further. Read this article to know how to define the SMS campaign analytics in NotifyVisitors.

How to navigate to view SMS campaign analytics in NotifyVisitors :

1.Firstly, navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard>  Campaigns. 

 2. Select the SMS in the channel filter, and navigate to the ANALYTICS of an already created campaign.


3. As you click on the ANALYTICS section, you will be navigated to the below page. Click on the SMS STATS to view the SMS campaign analytics.


  • Date filter: Specify the time frame for which you want to view the SMS analytics. 
  • Graph type: You can view the graphical representation of the analytics. You can choose to view the SMS analytics on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

How to define the variables for the SMS campaign analytics :

1. Sent: It signifies the total number of SMSes that have been sent to the recipients.

2. Unique click: Unique clicks depict the number of times that a link in your SMS was clicked by individual users. Repeated clicks on links are not considered unique.

3. Clicks: It represents the total number of clicks on the links given in the SMS campaigns, by the SMS recipients.

5. Reject: Rejected SMSes are the total number of messages which are not delivered by the carriers due to the number blockage or velocity block of numbers.

6. Failures: The total number of messages that were not reached to the user due to some API errors at the service provider's end.

7. Discarded:  These are the number of messages which are not processed to the service provider since it comes under duplicate counts, frequency capping, DND, and Unsubscription criteria.

How to have an overview of your SMS campaign analytics :

You can have an overview of the SMS analytics for a specific campaign in the NotifyVisitors dashboard. You can view the analytics in the format of lines, bars, or tables. Simply define the time frame for which you want to view the SMS analytics for a campaign. 

Line representation -


Bar representation :



Table representation - 


Conclusion : 

Now-a-days marketers are digging deeper into SMS campaign analytics. It has become inevitable to introspect and analyze the SMS stats to know the effectiveness of the campaigns Consequently, you can target the subscribers with further improvised campaigns.

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