How to A/B Test Email Campaigns in NotifyVisitors

  • Created : Sep, 04, 2020
  • Last Updated : Jun, 19, 2024


Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to send email campaigns to your prospects to turn them into leads and eventually into customers. 

It is the most traditional and direct way to connect with your leads and prospects. As compared to other marketing mediums, such as social media, emails are much safer to explore as once you create an email list. No one could take it away from you whereas,  there is a fear of your account getting deleted and suspended in social media. 

Being the convenient medium to reach across your customers, it becomes inevitable to serve the best version of your email campaign to the prospects. An optimized version will give you more conversions and open rates for email. This becomes possible with the help of AB testing. Read this article to know how to ab test email campaigns in the NotifyVisitors dashboard.


AB testing email campaigns allow you to create variations for your campaigns and then you can determine which one of the two campaigns is the most engaging one and receive more clicks.

The process of determining the optimized version :

  • Set up two variations of the campaign.
  • Send them to a small percentage of your total recipients. That means you need to determine the ratio of sending the version B and version B individually to a determined amount of traffic.
  • You would receive the results in the form of the key metrics, i.e. click and open rates. You can evaluate the winning version in terms of clicks and opens. Now you can send the winning version to the remaining subscribers.

Before ab testing your email campaigns, take a look at how to create an email campaign.

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors > Campaigns >Email Campaigns.


  • Click on “create an email campaign”. Assign a name to your campaign. Before creating a variation, create a regular email campaign. 

                                        create an email camapign 

BASIC INFO: Fill in the basic info of the campaign, i.e. the name of the sender, his or her email address, add the title, category, and label to the info.

  1. Label: Add a label to your campaign, i.e. type of campaign
  2. Category:  Determine the category of the users to whom you are going to send the campaign.

   basic info

TARGETING RULES: The next step is setting the targeting rules, whom you want to target with the email campaign.

  1.  Select the audience: Choose the audience to whom you want to send the campaign.
  2. Tracking:  Select the key metric against which you want to run your campaign, i.e. when the user opens the mail, clicks the mail, or replies to it.
  3. Frequency capping: How often do you want to send the mail campaigns to your users. Choose between yes or No

targeting rules

TEMPLATE  SETUP: Set up an email template. Either choose the custom HTML, create an email from customized layouts, or choose from the templates. 

  1. Select the option and save to schedule the email campaign
  2. Send a test email to verify that there are no issues with the email before you add it to the campaign.
  3. Tokens: Imply the user name and his basic information while sending the email campaigns.
  4. Insert token: Insert the user tokens in the mail such as @{} in the mail.

                 insert token

SCHEDULE/SEND: Schedule the campaign, set the timezone, and timing to send the campaign to the users. Now that you have created an email campaign, it's time to create a variation 

                  schedule campaigns


  • Go to create an email campaign option, click on it and you will be navigated to the category to “add variation”. You can see the option on the right side of the navigation bar.

                       email variation

  • Click on create a new variation. You can either create a new variation or copy the campaign and make the changes in the existing one.
  • Here we have created a variation of the “abandonment cart email” and add a touch of personalization which could immediately fetch users’ attention and nudge them to act upon the cart.

         abandoned cart email

  • Now create and customize the content of the campaign and save it.

       create and customize the content

  • Click on the FINISH button, and add the necessary information to the mail campaign, such as adding labels and categories.

                             add labels   

  • Click on the Next button and you will arrive at the TARGETING RULES SECTION where you can ab test your email campaigns.

        targeting rules

  • You will see the two options in the above image where you can ab test and split test your email campaigns.

 SPLIT DELIVERY: Choose the split delivery option to split test the campaign and its variations.

                        split delivery      

  1. Now you can determine the winning variation in order to get an optimized email campaign. How can you do this? Simply send the control version and the variations you created in an equally determined ratio of traffic out of all the total recipients.
  2. Click on the next button to set up the template as stated above in the TEMPLATE SETUP point and schedule the timezone and date to send the campaign.

AB TESTING: You can ab test your email campaigns and determine the winning variant by sending the variants and control version in an equal ratio of traffic out of the total subscribers. Specify the waiting time and determine the winning variation through the analytics. Evaluate which version has got the maximum number of clicks. Once you determine it, send the winning variant to the rest of the subscribers.

                 ab testing

  1. The next step is to set up the template and schedule the time zone and date to send the campaign.

          schedule time zone

Follow the above steps to ab test the email campaigns. AB testing your campaigns gives you assurance as to what appeals to your audience and winning their hearts is necessary and vital to survive in the long run.

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  8. This was a helpful article explaining how to A/B test email campaigns in NotifyVisitors. As an email marketer, I'm always looking for ways to optimize my campaigns and increase engagement. Setting up split delivery and analyzing the results is a great tip - this will allow me to directly compare different versions and see which one resonates most with my audience. The example emails shown also gave me some inspiration for personalization and segmentation. Small details like adding the user's name can make a big difference. I'll be sure to A/B test emails with and without personalization to see if it improves open and click rates. One thing I'd love to see is some more specific examples or case studies from NotifyVisitors users. For example, what were the differences between Version A and Version B that they tested? How big was the improvement in open rate or CTR? Adding some meet the owner examples could make the concepts even clearer. But overall this gives me a good blueprint for getting started with split testing my own email campaigns.