How to add different types of questions in a survey.

  • Created : Sep, 20, 2019
  • Last Updated : Mar, 27, 2023

To add different types of questions in a survey. Go to the topmost section of the dashboard. Right below the create questions bar, you can see an add to question tab. Click on the following tab and add different types of questions in a survey.

  • Radio Button: You can ask responses from the users by creating options in the radio button form.

  • Radio button with images: You can apply image in either your question or in your option.

  • Checkbox option: Use checkboxes in your options to get a user’s responses.

  • Checkbox options with image: Use checkbox options with an image. Either choose an image in question or options.

  • Dropdown menu of options: Use the drop-down menu for your options.

  • Upload file: Allow the customer to upload their files, document or image as in response.

  • :Rating: Allow users to rate or rank your items.

  • Rating with image:  Ask ratings from the users by asking a question with an image.

  • Text box ( One line):    Ask user's response in a short phrase.

  • A text box with an image: Ask user’s response in a text box with an image in the question.

  • Comment box (Multi-line ) :  Allow users to comment.

  • Drag and drop ranking: Allow the users to rank their interest through drag and drop ranking.

  • Matrix table: Know user’s satisfaction with your services.

  • Net promoter scale: Prompts the customer to rate you on a number scale of 0 to 10.

  • Multiple inputs :  Collect user’s personal details.

  • Blank screen: Display thank you message to the users.

Follow the above steps and start adding a variety of question forms to your survey.