How To Configure Recurring Email Campaigns In NotifyVisitors

  • Created : Apr, 15, 2021
  • Last Updated : Dec, 05, 2022

Recurring Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are the most interactive and convenient tool to reach out to the customers in their inboxes. They work wonders while engaging the subscribers and turning them into loyal customers. 

Although sending campaigns manually to your subscribers or customers becomes tiresome. Hence comes automated campaigns into the forefront and automated recurring campaigns work as icing on the cake to remind the customers of their monthly subscriptions or engage them on special occasions with catchy offers.

You can deliver a greater customer experience with recurring campaigns that can be sent on a recurring basis,i.e. Monthly, weekly, or daily. Read further to know how to configure recurring email campaigns in NotifyVisitors.

Note: You can create and set up a recurring campaign by selecting the recipient once whom you want to send the campaign. The campaign will be automatically sent to the recipient on a recurring basis as per the time schedule you define.

How to configure recurring email campaign in notifyVisitors :

Below are the steps to create a recurring email campaign :

1.Navigate to NotifyVisitors > Analytics> Campaigns. You can view the different campaigns under the REACH USERS VIA category.

create campaigns

2. Click on the Email to create email campaigns. You can choose the campaign type to create the recurring campaigns.

      create recurring campaign

3. Define the variables of an email campaign.

  • Give your campaign a name.
  • Choose the campaign type, click on the recurring campaign to create a recurring one.
  • Choose the audience type, determine whether you want to send the campaign to all the users or send to users in multiple segments/don’t send to users in certain segments.

     campaign name

Once you choose the campaign type and the audience type, click on create a campaign to proceed further

4. Provide the basic information for the recurring campaign.



  • Name: Give the name of the campaign.
  • Sender Name: Specify the name of the sender of the campaign.
  • Sender email: Specify the email address of the sender
  • Subject: Give your email campaign a catchy subject line to get more open rates. Add personalization to catch more attention of the users
  • Category: Specify the category of your campaign.
  • Add label:  Give a label to your email campaign,e.g. A marketing campaign or a sales campaign
  • Service provider: Add a service provider and click on the Next button.

B.Targeting rules :


 Tracking: Choose the option to track the open rates, click rates or replies to the recurring campaigns.

  • Reply to email:   Specify the email address on which you can get the users’ replies to any recurring campaign.
  • Deduplicate users: If you have duplicate users, recurring campaigns will only be sent to the email address only once. Choose YES for deduplicating users.
  • Frequency capping: Determine the frequency of campaigns, i.e. how many times per day or per week, the campaigns will be sent to the users.
  •  Do not disturb: Choose the Do not disturb options for sending the campaigns, i.e. when shall you not send the campaigns to the users.
  • Audience:  Select the audience to whom you want to send the recurring campaign.

    a. All users :  You can choose this option to send to all the users.

  • b. Segment: You can choose to send campaigns to the users who are in multiple segments. Also, you can choose to not send the campaigns to the users who are not in certain segments. Read how to create a segment.

Click on NEXT to proceed further.

C. Template setup :

Set up the template for the recurring campaigns.

   template setup

Note: You can choose the templates or layouts to create the campaigns. Also, you can insert user tokens into your campaigns.

Click on the NEXT button to proceed further.

D. Send/Schedule :

Now that you have specified the basic info, the targeting rules, and the content of the recurring campaign, it is time to schedule the campaign.

  • Status: Select YES in the status field.
  • Timezone: Select the time zone as per the user. Choose as per the country or city.
  • Schedule: Choose the time and date to schedule the campaign weekly, monthly, or daily.

a. Monthly: If you choose to send the campaigns on a monthly basis. The campaigns will be sent on the date and time you specified monthly. Also, the campaign will stop running automatically on the specified end date.

                 schedule campaign

b. Weekly: If you select the WEEKLY option, your campaigns will be sent on the day and time you specified on a weekly basis till the end date you specified for the campaign.

 schedule campaign

    Note: You can add other days and schedule campaigns for the days you add.

c. Daily: If you are choosing the DAILY option, the campaign will be sent at the time specified by you on a daily basis till the last date you specified for the recurring campaign.

schedule campaign

Click on SAVE and FINISH with scheduling the recurring SMS campaign.

Follow the above steps to create recurring email campaigns in NotifyVisitors.