Configure Feature Of Deduplicate Users In Email Campaigns

  • Created : Apr, 27, 2021
  • Last Updated : Mar, 02, 2024

Configure Deduplicate Users 

Many times your users register with the same email addresses or with the same contact details in the login details. The scenario can unfortunately puzzle you in sending the Email campaigns. 

For example- 2 users are providing same email addresses while registering for your services. In such a case, you need to avoid sending the campaign two times to the same email ID.

NotifyVisitors provide you a simple feature of configuring the feature of "deduplicate users" in the dashboard while scheduling for Email campaigns. Read this article to know more about it.

How to Configure Deduplicate Users' Feature in NotifyVistors :

You can choose to configure for “deduplicate users” from the dashboard which enables you to avoid sending the Email campaigns to duplicate users(users who have registered with the same ids or phone numbers). Let us now know the navigation to configure the feature of duplicate users for Email campaigns.

1) Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Campaigns > Email.

2) Next, click on the Email campaign given under the Reach users Via category. 

3) You can configure the “deduplicate users” feature in email in two ways :

  •  Either create a new campaign and then proceed to the targeting rules of the campaign.
  • You can navigate directly to the EDIT section of any already created campaign and then proceed to the targeting rules of the campaign.

Here we are navigating to the EDIT section of an already created campaign to configure the deduplicate users feature. Follow the below steps for the same :

  • First of all, go to the campaigns> email campaigns category in the panel.

  • Next, move to the BASIC details of an already created campaign.


  • Once you fill in the BASIC DETAILS of the campaign, you can move to the targeting rules to find the “Deduplicate users” feature.


  •  Next, Choose YES to configure the deduplicate users.


Let's take an example to understand the feature more clearly.

For example -  Suppose 2 users are providing the same email addresses while registering for your services. In such a case, you need to avoid sending the campaign two times to the same email ID. By configuring the "deduplicate feature" you can count those users who have the same email ids as one user. 

The feature of “deduplicate users” comes in handy in recognizing the duplicate users and avoid sending them campaigns multiple times.

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