Define Email Campaign Analytics In NotifyVisitors

  • Created : May, 04, 2021
  • Last Updated : Mar, 02, 2024

Email Campaign Analytics 

Email marketing is the most profound and influential way to fetch visitors and turn them into subscribers and loyal customers. Also, it is the most measurable marketing tactic that can give sound insights into who opened, clicked, and rejected your emails. Further, you can formulate your strategies on the basis of these key metrics. Also, you can compare email marketing analytics with the analytics of other marketing channels. In turn, you can watch out which channels are giving you desired results and are effective to achieve the business goals.

NotifyVisitors enables you to create email campaigns and track the key metrics of these campaigns in the dashboard. Read this article to know more about email campaign analytics and what each metric signifies.

How to Navigate to view Email Campaign Analytics in NotifyVisitors :

1.Firstly, navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard>  Campaigns. 

2. Select the EMAIL in the channel filter, and navigate to the ANALYTICS of an already created campaign.

3. As you click on the ANALYTICS section, you will be navigated to the below page. The analytics section is divided into the following sections :

  1. Campaign info
  2. Email stats
  3. Email conversation stats.

A. CAMPAIGN INFO: Under the campaign info, you can view the basic info and the targeting rules of the campaign such as which segment you are targeting, what all you can track, and who the service provider is.

B. EMAIL STATS: In this section, you can view the key metrics to define the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Click on the EMAIL STATS to view the email campaign analytics.

  • Date filter: Specify the time frame for which you want to view the email analytics. You can view the stats for a maximum period of 30 days.
  •  Graph type: You can view the graphical representation of the analytics. You can choose to view the email analytics on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annually basis.

How to define the variables for the Email stats :

1.Sent emails: It signifies the total number of emails that have been sent to the subscribers.

2. Unique opens: Unique opens are the total number of people who have opened your email.

3. Unique click: Unique clicks depict the number of times that a link in your email was clicked by individual users. Repeated clicks on links are not considered unique.

4. Opens: Email opens depict how many people opened the email campaign and looked at it. The open counts will only be related to the email campaign and not any other type of email.

5. Clicks: The total number of clicks on the links given in an email campaign, by the subscribers or recipients. 

6. Delivered: It depicts the total number of emails that are sent and delivered to the recipients to their inboxes.

7. Hard bounce: The following key metric shows the number of emails that have failed to deliver for some concrete reasons such as the recipient's invalid address, or maybe due to the incorrect domain address, or due to the unknown recipient.

8. Soft bounce: Soft bounce refers to the total number of emails that bounced back as the recipient’s email address was full.

9. Spam: Spam emails refer to the junk emails which have been sent to the recipients in bulk.

10. Reject The total number of emails that were rejected while sending to the recipient as the server rejected the recipient’s email address. It happens in the cases when the mail server feels that you are relaying the mail without any proper authentication, then this error usually occurs.

11. Failures: The total number of emails that were not reached to the users due to some API errors at the service providers end

12. Discarded: These are the number of emails that are not processed to the service provider since it comes under duplicate counts, frequency capping, DND, and unsubscription criteria.

How to have an overview of your Email Campaign Analytics:

1. You can have an overview of the email analytics for a specific campaign in the NotifyVisitors dashboard. You can view the analytics in the format of lines, bars, or tables. Simply define the time frame for which you want to view the email analytics for a campaign. 

Line representation :

 Bar representation :

Table representation :

2. View the open rates, click rates, and link performance of an email campaign.

Open rates: Email open rate specifies the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers.

Click rates: The email open rate specifies the percentage of subscribers who opens the email and clicks a specific email out of your total number of subscribers

Link performance: With this metric, you can view the number of links in an email that was sent to the recipients. Also, you can view the total number of clicks on those links.

3. Device analysis: Check out from here the email analytics (open, unique clicks, unique opens, and clicks) on the email campaigns in a graphical form. You can analyze the email opened, clicked, the unique clicks, and unique opens from a specific device such as desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

C. EMAIL CONVERSATIONS: Under this category, you can view the conversations list here. You can have an overview of the users’ replies to the campaigns and the number of replies they have given.

  • You can view the replies of each user by clicking on the VIEW CONVERSATION tab given against that specific user.

  • You can look into the individual users’ profiles and view their personal information.


Nowadays marketers are digging deeper into email campaign analytics. It has become inevitable to introspect and analyze the email stats to know the effectiveness of the campaigns as well as the source of your subscribers. Consequently, you can target the subscribers more effectively by segmenting them.

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