Configure Default SMS Service Provider In NotifyVisitors

  • Created : May, 13, 2021
  • Last Updated : Jul, 22, 2024

Service Providers

The service providers are responsible for sending the SMS campaigns to the users. You can choose any of the service providers to enable them to send the campaigns and track the analytics at the same time. 

NotifyVisitors allows you to create, schedule, and track these SMS campaigns by choosing the service providers from the dashboard. You can choose the service provider and save it as default from the dashboard itself. Before that, the service providers must be integrated with the NotifyVisitors. 

Read this article to know more about the implementation of default SMS service providers

How to Implement the Default SMS Service Providers in NotifyVisitors :

1. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Integration settings.

2. Go to the SMS service providers and view a list of different service providers.

3. Next, click on the EDIT option just before the delete option to save the chosen service provider as default.

4. Click on the checkbox option of the “SAVE AS DEFAULT” feature to save the SMS service provider automatically while sending and scheduling the campaigns. Further, Click on the SAVE button.


For example - we are here saving Gupshup as the default service provider so that later we do not have to choose amongst the other service providers as this would be saved automatically as our Default service provider. Once you save a service provider as default, that service provider can be viewed with the DEFAULT tag as seen in the below image.


5. Next, navigate to the Basic info > SMS campaigns. You can view here “GUPSHUP” as the saved default service provider, otherwise, you will have to choose amongst the different service providers if you had not configured the SAVE AS DEFAULT feature.



Follow the above steps to save any service provider as default so that you don't have to select the service provider again and again while configuring a new campaign and track the SMS campaigns in the future.

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