Configure The Auto- Close Feature In Web Surveys

  • Created : Jul, 01, 2021
  • Last Updated : May, 29, 2023


Web surveys are proficient tools to collect qualitative information as well as feedback from the respondents. These are cost-effective methods of grabbing information. NotifyVisitors enables you to create a web survey and analyze it at the same time.

Also, Notifyvisitors enables you to close the visibility of the surveys automatically by defining a specific time period. Read this article to know how to configure the auto-close feature in web surveys.


Web surveys are of great relevance as you can collect all the relevant data and the feedback of the respondents regarding your brand and services. Now, you can provide the feasibility to your visitors as they do not have to close the surveys manually. Once they submit the surveys, you can send them an acknowledgement message and configure the auto-close feature on it,so that the screen fades away automatically after your predefined time frame.

Below are the steps to configure the auto-close feature :

1. Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard>  Web surveys.

web surveys navigation

2. Click on Create New and choose a survey type.

survey types

3. Select the themes from the GALLERY. 

gallery themes

4. Once you select the themes you will be navigated to the BASIC details section for creating a survey. Select the CHOOSE THEMES section to find the AUTO CLOSE feature.

survey themes

5. Click on the Auto-close feature and define the time in the fields in terms of SECONDS. 

Define a value in the auto-close field to enable the submitted survey screen to be automatically closed after the specified point of time.

autoclose value

Note: if you specify a zero value for the auto-close feature, the web survey will not close automatically.

Follow the above steps to configure the auto-close feature in web surveys.