Configure Country Code Settings In Web Surveys

  • Created : May, 06, 2021
  • Last Updated : May, 29, 2023

Web Surveys

A web survey is a great tool to obtain qualitative as well as quantitative data from the customers. You can conduct web surveys to know the purchasing habits of the customers or to have a clear crystal understanding of how customers engage with your brands. You can embed the survey on your website, social media, or email.

NotifyVisitors lets you create web surveys using customized templates. Also, you can view the real-time insights on these surveys. Surveys play a major role in collecting the perception of the customers. Definitely, they are of great importance, taking this fact into account, any organization would like to run its surveys worldwide to get some widespread insights. 

NotifyVisitors gives you an incredible feature of configuring country code settings in the dashboard while creating a survey. Read further to know how you can configure the country code settings in web surveys.

How to configure country code settings in NotifyVisitors :

You can configure the country code settings in the NotifyVisitors panel if you choose to run your surveys internationally.

Below are the steps to configure country code settings in notifyvisitors.

1. NAVIGATION: Navigate to the NotifyVisitors > Web surveys> create new. Add basic details to create a web survey. 

  • Add survey name  
  • Time zone
  • Run time 


Note: Brief out these details to run out a survey. Select the time zone and the time frame till when you want to run your survey.

  • Add the custom content to your survey. Click on the UPDATE button to proceed further.

2. CREATE QUESTIONS: Navigate to the next section “create questions” to add questions in the survey.

  • Select the TEXT BOX (one line) option and click on the ADD QUESTION button.

  •   As you click on the ADD QUESTION tab, you will be navigated to configuring the country code settings.

Define the following variables:

  • Question text: Add the question text you want to include in the survey.
  • Mark as mandatory: Choose between YES or NO to mark the question as mandatory or optional.
  • Error message: Add the error message. ( These are messages that participants will see when they fail to provide a valid response to a survey question)
  • Priority: Mark the priority of the question. Give a numeric value.
  • Label: Add a label to the question.

  • Type: Choose the medium on which users will receive the survey. Select the PHONE option. Here you select the checkbox option to configure country code settings. Also, choose the question type.

  Read the below conditions to understand the Country code feature better :

The country code option can be added with the PHONE input type.

  1.  If you enable the Country code option, users can view the country code along with the phone number in a survey.
  2. If you enable the country code option from the panel and do not choose any country from the list, users will be able to view all the countries in the drop-down menu with the phone number in the survey.
  3. If you select any country from the list, users will be able to view only that country in the survey.

Note: You can choose multiple countries at one time where you want to run the surveys.survey country configuration


The settings will allow you to choose the respective country codes in which you want to run the surveys from the drop-down menu.

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