Different types of Survey Campaigns

  • Created : Oct, 11, 2019
  • Last Updated : Sep, 26, 2023


Web survey is a prominent data collection method that put across users and marketers in front of each other. For marketers, it proves to be a useful feedback gathering exercise. At the same time, it allows users to share reviews about their experiences.

Each and every business area is using the tool to get relevant feedback from users. Whether it is a marketing firm or an educational academy. Different survey examples offer great exposure to marketers. Also, it helps them changing their marketing campaigns to serve customers effectively.

The most common survey types in collecting in-depth feedback from the customers :
1. Customer surveys

Customer surveys are the most conducted surveys. Collect feedback about any service offered to the customers through these surveys. A customer satisfaction survey is the most used survey.

                               customer surveys                   

2. Human resource surveys

The survey type provides insights into the workflow of an organization. It enables collecting feedback from employees about their working demeanors. ( i.e. training initiatives and exit formalities ).

                                    human resource surveys                              

3. Marketing surveys

Conduct marketing surveys to gather relevant feedback on the schemes and services you offer. Evaluation survey is one of the most common marketing surveys.

                                                             marketing surveys                    

4. Industry surveys

Conduct these surveys to collect feedback from customers regarding their experiences. Such as A travel industry may conduct this survey to evaluate customer’s experience. ‘Guest evaluation is the most common survey conducted by industries.

                                                           industry surveys              

5. Community surveys

Gather feedback by ascertaining psychological and sociological aspects of people’s life Personal and demographic surveys are mostly conducted surveys.

                                            Community surveys                          

6. Academic evaluation surveys

Educational institutions and universities generally conduct such surveys. They gather feedback about seminars, courses, and training sessions, so on. Course evaluation and improvement surveys are the most conducted survey.

                                         academic evaluation surveys                                   

7) Multilevel surveys

Extract out the detailed and in-depth information from your customers about your brands. Here, you can ask a specific question and add different levels to it to get a sneak peek into the intricate details.

                                      multilevel surveys                          


8) Logical surveys

Show questions to the participants as per the choices selected by them. These surveys are better known for adding conditions to a question when a participant chooses a specific question and the logical condition can be put as per the choice. Choose out which survey fits best for your business requirements which could enrich your knowledge about your potential customers.

                                                             logical surveys


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