Suggestions For Survey Questions

  • Created : Oct, 11, 2019
  • Last Updated : Dec, 07, 2023

Collecting feedback from the customers through web surveys is complex. You cannot assume their responses. But, you can surely create different types of  survey questions that serve your purpose with NotifyVisitors surveys. Also, you get meaningful responses from the customers.

Let’s have a look at some of the general survey question suggestions :

Following are the general questions that you can ask regardless the type of your business :

1. How did you hear about us

There are various tools to know the traffic value of customers. Ask this question in a survey and get meaningful information about how customers found you.

survey questions

2. How likely you would recommend us to your friend

It is the most asked question in a survey. It allows the customer to rate your service on a range of 1 to If customers rate you well. There are higher possibilities that he will refer our service to a friend.

How likely you would recommend us to your friend

3. Are you having any trouble finding anything ?

The survey question allows you to reevaluate your website. If customer is not performing the desired actions or having trouble locating information. You can review your website to offer chaos free services.

Are you having any trouble finding anything

4. Is there anything missing on the page

It would be great to ask a customer about what they want to see in your page. May be the customer did not get what they expected. Thus asking their reviews is of utmost importance to modify the content of your pages.

Is there anything missing on the page

5. Is our pricing clear ?

This question acts as a trigger for customers, by asking their feedback on the pricing page. Also, it will give valuable information to the sales team.The reviews will allow you to reevaluate your pricing strategy.

Is our pricing clear

6. Is our product quality better than our competitors ?

Ask this question. know why customers prefer your competitor over you. So, you can know your weaknesses as well as strengths.

Is our product quality better than our competitors

7. What did you love most about our website

Reviews will allow you to use that feature more often. Also, it will catch more prospective customers.

What did you love most about our website

8. What made you exit the website

Sooner or later visitors leave your website. You only need to evaluate the time within which the visitor left the site. Thus you can make the specific changes to avoid the scenario.

What made you exit the website

Fulfill business needs and achieve greater business growth by following the above question suggestions.

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