Web Surveys and ways to run survey Campaigns

  • Created : Oct, 10, 2019
  • Last Updated : Dec, 07, 2023

Web surveys are not merely a tool to collect data from the respondents. They also define the online purchasing habits of customers. An organization can conduct surveys through various mediums. Respondents fill the questionnaire and their responses get stored in the database.

Organization conducts an online survey to know customer’s opinions about their brand. If they feel the need to improvise their strategies or are launching something new. They can get feedback from the users through the same. The data thus enable an organization to apply changes in their functioning. Such is the power of customer’s observation.

Benefits for conducting Web Survey
  1. They don’t cost much.
  2. An organization can easily conduct a web survey from desktop or laptop.
Characteristics of a survey
  1. Set the goal of a survey : A researcher must define the aim of the intended web survey. So, that he can get the desired results.
  2. Choose a research design : Research design plays a pivotal role in analyzing the data. It depends on the researcher to predetermine it according to his preferences.
  3. Define a sample:   Sample surveys imply generalizations about people’s interests. It helps in knowing common interests of a larger chunk of population.
  4. Data analysis: Analyzing data is of utmost importance for productive market research.

Surveys are valuable sources for collecting useful insights into an effective marketing strategy.

How can we run survey campaigns ?

We do have different options to run our web survey campaigns. Lets know more below:

1. Email Survey

Conduct a survey via email is the most useful method to know customer's reviews. A researcher can collect feedback from existing as well as new users at an extensive level.Email Survey

2. SMS Survey

Conduct SMS surveys to collect feedback from a large set of contacts. It would be easy for a researcher to classify contacts via SMS surveys.

For example: If a cafe would like to know customer’s feedback in the form of ratings. It can collect info through SMS by sending them a link that will take them to an online platform.

SMS Survey

3. QR code integration

Convert a survey into a QR code to let it publish in print media or online platforms. Respondents can fill survey by scanning the QR code on their phones.

QR Code integration in a survey

4. Social Media Integration

Collect user responses over social media platforms such Respondents can fill survey by as Facebook. Post surveys on social media platforms and you are good to go!

Post Surveys in Social Media

5. Web intercept surveys

Web intercept surveys are the most effective form of surveys. Pop-up surveys,time-based surveys fall under the category of Web intercept surveys. These surveys have a high response rate as compared to other surveys.

Web intercept surveys

The most effective way to collect responses is to compile the above survey methods.

We have various examples of surveys to simplify the process of collecting in depth feedback from the customers. Each instance serve a useful purpose in collecting feedback for a specific field. Few of them are named as follows : Customer surveys, Human resource surveys, community surveys, academic surveys and so on.

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