How to create a web survey

  • Created : Oct, 22, 2019
  • Last Updated : Mar, 27, 2023

NotifyVisitors Web survey dashboard gives useful insight into how to create and analyze a survey. We have different types of survey templates in our panel.

  • To create a new survey, go under the survey section of the panel. Click on create new.


  • Out of various survey types ( Mobile, tablet or desktop) friendly. You can customize your own as per your requirements.

survey types

  • You can choose any of the themes or create your own to meet your business needs.


How to create questions in a survey

After creating a survey, you need to create questions to check user’s responses. Under the surveys section, you can click on create a question button.

You can edit a question, set its priority or add logic to it. Also, you can create your own question by clicking on the action bar.

  1. Set priority for a question : Order or reorder questions according to your priority.
  2. Create logic : Add text for your question. Choose its priority or necessity. Add choices: ask for mail or phone number. Choose if you want a comment box.
  3. Question type : You can choose a question type. A one-line text or multi-input text.

creating a survey

Under the create a question section, see a green add question button.Click on add question button. Choose the question type and define and its variables :

  1. Question text : It is the text of the question which you will ask the users.
  2. Mark as mandatory : Mark the necessity of the question.Choose yes or no.
  3. Choices : Add multiple choices for the answers or options to your questions.
  4. Display option : Choose the display option for the answers. Select whether to place them horizontally or vertically.
  5. Priority : Set priority for your question. Align the question according to its importance.
  6. Comment box : Add comment box to let the users clarify their answers. Select the check box option to add comment box.