Get started with Web Survey

  • Created : Oct, 11, 2019
  • Last Updated : Dec, 04, 2022

Surveys are not merely a feedback collecting tool. They unlock opportunities to know the psychological aspects of a user too. Web world works as a cherry on the cake. People can share their opinions without worrying about their privacy.

Let’s have a look at some of the important factors to consider while creating a survey :

Conducting an online survey is quite cheap and inexpensive. A business can target market needs and get them fulfilled through surveys.    

Objective of your survey

Before creating a survey, set your objective. What is the desired outcome? What is your target audience? Do you want to get feedback on a product or service? Defining the objective is necessary to generate desired results. 

For example - You are running a salon website. Your objective is to collect feedback from the customers. As you are clear about your objective. Whom will you target? Customers who have already used your services. What is your desired outcome? To gather positive responses which will, in turn, enhance your product's promotion. 

Create a set of questions

There are different types of questions asked in a survey. People generally prefer multiple-choice questions. Remember to create questions in simple and easy language. Also, set an order for the questions that insinuate logic for the respondents.

For example: If you are collecting feedback from the customers. You can ask a precise and simple question that would help you gather meaningful responses.

How would you rate our services?  The response ratings will let you know where are you lagging behind. In turn, you can improvise your campaigns.


Target your participants

Engage your participants in a survey via SMS, Email or post a survey on social media platforms. Target your audience on the basis of their browsing behavior, activities, user data (if stored by user's permission) for your defined objective.

Forex- If you are running a travel company. You can target your existing customers or loyal customers by sending them surveys via SMS or email. Thus you can gather suggestions and feedback from the users who already use your services.


Monitor your response rate

Check the response rate of the surveys. Evaluate how many people completed the sample survey. 

Watch out for how many respondents filled the survey and who didn't respond to them.  You can check out the response rate through NotifyVisitors panel as shown in the image given below. 


Analyze your results

View the data by representing the results in the form of graphs or charts. So, you can analyze the results when required. Check out the common responses to evaluate an ongoing trend. 


You can see response rates and analyze survey results through NotifyVisitors dashboard.

Measure customer satisfaction

Analyze the results to check out whether they match the desired outcomes. A meaningful survey will provide you expected feedback from the users. Thus, you can use the data to take further decisions. 


You can evaluate customer satisfaction levels through NotifyVisitors panel.

Conducting an online survey is quite cheap and inexpensive. A business can target market needs and get them fulfilled through surveys.